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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kerbside crawling

Its that time of the year when the local councils here in Melbourne have their 'Hard Rubbish Collection' and we all know what that means.

The nature strips (the grass verge between the footpath and the road) outside most homes is piled high with all the big stuff that is difficult to get rid of and the councils give us a treat and actually do something for us in return for all the money we pay in Rates.

They come round and pick it all up, crush the rubbish but also take the good stuff off to the tip and put it in the Tip Shop so it can be bought back by other hard up folk who didn't se it when it was free at the roadside.

Now a lot of people are saying the monetary handouts the Rudd government are giving to tax payers and others don't seem to be having an effect on the economy but going by what can seen on the kerbsides I beg to differ lol

Fridges, freezers and washing machines as well as lounge furniture and beds are being chucked out all over the place. If you are the market for an exercise bike you can pick them up for free as theres plenty for the taking which makes me think the exercise fad has gone out the door or there have been some really good specials on new equipment.

This is when we see the local version of window shopping - drive slowly - very slowly down the street and checkout all those piles through the car window, stop suddenly when they look interesting and rummage through, claim for your own anything you might be able to return to life and then drive off at speed in case one of the neighbours recognises you.

Some unlucky people are getting caught and being fines by the councils who claim once its on the nature strip ready for collection it belongs to them. Which is a shame as recycling is what makes the world go round, with the economy the way it is and unemployment rising higher all the time I'm sure that this year I have seen more fellas in utes picking up metal in all forms than any other year recently.

The scrap metal business' must be doing a roaring trade


  1. Wish they did this in the UK. We have to drive about 20 miles to the nearest tip. If we wish to have a large item removed we have to ring up the council and they will give you a date, normally about a month in the future and then you pay £30!

  2. There's nothing like this here in the Ballarat district either. :-(
    I've heard of friends getting good stuff off of Freecycle, but I've never tried it.
    Sometimes I wish I lived nearer to Melbourne, especially now that Costco is getting ready to open!!

  3. That sounds like a good idea but it's too bad people get fined for helping themselves to things that are being given away anyway. Occasionally you might see furniture out on the curb here in the summer around trash day, with a big 'free' sign on it. It was well known that students off to college would come by and pick them up for their dorms, and also families who were on tight budgets would take them away too. Much better than doing nothing with them. On occasion I have called the Salvation Army or a local church to see if they can use any old furniture we have replaced over the years. They will pick them up free of charge.

  4. Wish we had that here. I have some old washers in the basement that need hauling away.


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