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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I will never understand

How to date an entry that is to be posted at a later time LOL

The one just posted titled Yesterday should have been published in the morning - our time :))

Anyway hope you enjoy it


  1. Hi Cathy
    when you write the post, at the bottom left hand side where you add a tag there is a button called 'post options' click that and on the rhs you can change the time and date.

    hope this helps :)

  2. I had exactly the same problem a couple of days ago - I look like I lived two days in just 24 hours! Magic!

    Thank you Move to Portugal for the answer and thank you Cathy for asking the question!

    Off to have a wander through the rest of your blog now.....

    Sarah x

  3. Is it possible that you haven't realised the months and days are backwards? March 13 is either 13/3 or 3/13.


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