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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guess what - it rained

Yes it really rained yesterday, in fact it poured.

After another wild and windy day, another Total Statewide Fire Ban Day and one of High Alert for so many areas, it rained, and even tho the day didn't turn out to be as hot as predicted, 32c/90f was the highest by late afternoon it was really humid.

My garden is saying thank you but I think for some of the plants it has come too late and methinks there will be a mass burial in the next month or two, by then the prospect of really hot days should have declined.

Yes it rained and the drivers seat in my car got wet.

Its been so long since there was even a prediction of rain and well over two months since actual drops fell on the ground so I have got into the habit of just wandering away from the car and not even closing the windows so I'll have to get back into that mindset.

Reminder to self - close the windows when you leave the car even in the driveway of the house.

It was still wet (the seat that is) this morning and I had to drive down to the gym with a couple of towels on the seat or I'd have had a big wet b..... whe I arrived.

Have been good with the food intake and the exercise since my confession of being overweight earlier in the year and so far have dropped nearly 5kg/11pounds since joining WW last November.

A few friends remarked it didn't seem alot in that time but I feel it went on slowly I don't mind it coming off slowly as long as it stays off.

I have been meaning to say Thank You to those bloggers who left messages of support at that time, it really meant a lot to me and helped me focus when other things sort of got in the way.

So I'm off for a walk now, there are some grey clouds up in the sky and today they look like rain ones and not smoke ones so that means I'll just have to walk a bit faster to get home before they empty. Also its quite cool out there, almost cold so that's another reason to walk a bit faster lol


  1. Yes, I opened the door a little while ago and it feels quite cool. I don't have a lot of clothes on though trying to get rid of the last of the heat rash, it basically came the day after the fires.

    I hope the rain and everything is a start of a different time for us all.

  2. Im happy for you all over there. Liquid sunshine must be a wel come relief, wet b-- or not ;) Good for you on the weight loss Cathy. I've always been told the slower it takes to take the weight off the better for you in the long run. Got to get cracking myself. I've been slacking a bit there for a while. Enjoyed your post as always.

  3. Hoorah! I do know about the wet car seats...lol. I've done that.
    Congrats on the pounds coming off. Hang in there. Jan

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Trying to catch up on my visits.
    Hope you're having a great wk.


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