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Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy week

Well it’s been quite a week, and it’s not over yet :(

After my trip to the gym last Saturday and a long walk on Sunday I began to think my exercise regime was back in full swing but no it hasn't happened that way at all. I seem to have been running errands for others all week and haven't had a day to myself.

Visited A Pam Monday morning and found her very depressed so spent a large part of the morning trying very hard to motivate a person who really doesn’t have a sense of reasoning – well all her thoughts and feelings had changed within a few minutes of us talking about them.

So glad I’d brought chocolate with me as she loves it and seems to buck up once the box is opened. She kept saying ‘you have some’ and got most upset if I said No – so to keep on her good side I’d have a nibble and then place it in a packet in my bag.

One or two extra points are ok but at the rate she wanted me to eat them (both the chocolate and the points they represented) I’d of not had any left to for lunch or dinner that evening lol

Spent the afternoon talking to oldest Dd – another unhappy lady.

This time I found out her role at work had been made redundant so she was at home if I needed her. Offered another position in the company she decided even tho’ it might not have been the best thing in this environment she’d take the package and leave, have a rest and reassess her life.

I know I said unhappy but I don’t think that’s actually true ‘cose she was looking forward to being at home, not having to rush out the door and get the little one to school so she could get to work on time, not have to utilise after school care or vacation care ‘cose both she and the partner were at work, be able to do all the household things like cooking lovely meals and not have a pile of ironing in the corner.

You know Mum all the things you did when we were at school.

What she is annoyed about is the likelihood of not having the extra cash to do what she wants with. Had to keep telling her it wasn’t HER who was made redundant it was her JOB and not having extra cash isn’t the end of the world. Not sure she believed me tho:(

I have to pick up DGd (her little one) from school today and this time I mustn’t be late.

Last week I was late, nobody in the kiss and ride area when I got there so had to go and look for her. Whoops, was I in trouble - needless to say she was not amused and Oh the humiliation of having to sign her out from The Office as a Late Pick Up.

All those feelings came back as I approached the window - you know the ones I mean – I felt as tho I’d done something wrong and could expect the door to open and The Headmaster to come out.

Anyway today Mum is off doing an event already arranged well before her date with the CEO last week – she and 3 friends are running/walking the Melbourne Oxfam 100km Trailwalker which began today and will continue over the weekend.


It certainly doesn't seem like 12 months since the last time they attemped it, she and the other girls are experienced walkers/runners and baring anything going wrong hope to finish in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Not my idea of fun but then I'll give them full marks for trying :))

On Wednesday I took Leroy our old old Chocolate Burmese Fella to the vet but I'll talk about that another day - he was diagnosed with something nasty late last year but now it may not be true after all which was one thing that did go right this week

My brother rang from England the other day to say they would be over in Jouly, great 'cept we had just decided we'd go north for the Winter again. Lots of map looking and rearranging of dates and places which means we will meet them in Cairns late July instead of in Melbourne as they thought in August. Hopefully I'll get to call in to Brisbane again and meet up with the GD we don't see. Thats all in the future tho'

There is a definite change in the air down here now, its not getting light till nearly 7am, didn't look at the clock when I woke this morning and then had a fit as it was later than I thought, had to run like crazy to be out on time. Microwave porridge isn't the same as cooked on the stove

We've had some lovely sunny days but its getting cooler overnight and feels cold in the mornings, that silly time when the house takes ages to warm up and feels colder than outside so you're putting on and taking off as you go in and out. No bare feet these days and certainly slippers in the evening.

The Run for The Kids both Dh and I volunteered for last year is being run next Sunday so we'll be up and in the city early then.

Had the volunteers meeting last night in Melbourne so we tootled off on the train (cost a fortune in parking last year) and thought that the best option. Went in about 3.30 in the afternoon, the train was packed with High School kids, you know that lovely group of young people from the age of 11/12 up to 17/18 , oh - can they talk and make a noise.

Laughed inwardly at the girls discussing the boys and the show off behaviour of the boys, as the train moved along the line some got off and other groups from other schools got on but it didn't seem to matter what school - state or private they all seemed to act the same way lol

You know theres lots of talk these days about people not reading and being more concerned with other technology, yet another thing I noticed on the way home (9pm) I would think out of the 100 heads I counted in our carriage at least 80 of the would have been reading something - a book, newspaper, what looked like work materials or even school/educational material.

Surprising as it may seem I didn't see one laptop open - lots of eyes closed at times, mine included :)


  1. hi sweetie- no, I dont have too many days that make me scream and shout ( lol)- I ma usually quite nice and quiet....then there is today !!!!!
    Lisa xx

  2. Such a busy life! Mine has not been like that for years, ever since I found myself a single father of an infant and a church congregation to which to be a shepherd .

    These days, I find myself deserted by family, ignored by neigbours and with nothing in common with the older couple I share my house.

    Luckily, I exist largely in my own head except for my connection with my animals and the natural environment.

    You took me to task about why my Deutsche Dogge is not spayed. Well I got her when she was three and it had not been done early when it is easier. I asked the vet about it (I am not totally irresponsible) and got the sales pitch. I have since found out there are some negatives with regard to having it done. The greatest of these is the $400 vet bill. To think I have known that vet ever since he had a struggling rural farm animal practice. Now I wish I had charged him more for the electrical work I did for him over the years:)

    I cannot let my dog off the lead because she will attack and I assume kill the pigs, for which her bred was developed. As a result, I think I can keep her from getting bred by the lovely dog from the next property. . . .
    I am not too worried about the tea cup poodle stud that lives in the house.:)

  3. Hello Cathy,

    Good to meet you, thanks for your comment on my blog. The tree is a Red Bud. I live in the country and they are all over. They grow wild on the edge of woods, but are also sold. They have rosy pink flowers that appear in March or April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow. Again, thanks for coming by.


  4. I used to exercise at least three times a week, and then I got a job at the same gym. Now I don't seem to ever have time. Funny that as I'm there at least three times a week working.
    Keeping busy is good though, less time to eat!

  5. Your life sounds as hectic as mine. And exercise pays the price. I am glad light nights are coming soon- I get more walking done then!!
    My son comes to Melbourne in just over two weeks ( aggh!!) and is convinced it will be very hot. The internet says not!! Advice please?

  6. You have had a busy week. I hope you get into your exercise regime soon, I need to get into mine very badly. It's Monday tomorrow, a good day to start :) unless something comes up.

  7. Hi! I'm new visiting here. So, I skimmed your blog entries and tried to 'get acquainted'. I loved your humor post below this...those cartoons made my morning. The Farmer in the Dell...and the peep show. Too fun.

    Nice meeing you Cathy.

  8. Hi Cathy,
    Hope you have a great wk.

  9. Being a Mum is hard, isn't it? Sometimes I want to jump up and down and pull my hair out....and mine are grown!

  10. you are a busy bee I must say...

    Gill in Canada


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