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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a little puff of smoke

Had to go out to Coldstream this morning and then on to Hoddles Creek via Cockatoo and this is what I saw on the horizon in the distance. Not the best pictures 'cose I was driving at the time - I know not the safest thing to do either :))

Just looking like a puff of smoke on the horizon these are a small continuing part of the Maroondah Yarra Complex fires threatening Healesville and Chum Creek. If you go to this link you'll see where I was - you can see see Cockatoo marked on the left hand side of the map. Coldstream is not marked but is further to the left


Click on thephotos to enlarge and get a better view

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  1. Thanks for joining my blog Cathy it is always nice to know people enjoy visiting. I hope you stay safe where you are.


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