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Monday, February 16, 2009

Goodbye for a while

I've decided to hold off on posting for a while - what with one thing and another this past week have been a bit traumatic and I need a rest.

After spending a long time in A & E one evening last week A Pam was only back at her temporary nursing home a very short time and she fell again. This time she has broken her wrist and been admitted to hospital. The fall happened last Saturday afternoon and after another traumatic evening/night in A & E I finally left to drive home at 2am Sunday. The hospital was chockers and beds scarce but they were trying hard to get somewhere for her.

Her cubicle was in the vicinity of some Emergency Services workers involved in the 'fire fighting' and clean up about, one from NSW with leg in plaster and neck in a brace, another sitting looking very dazed, - the fabulous Dr attending A Pam said they had come down from the field hospital in Alexandra (read about it here ) I also saw other burly fellas dressed in their distinctive yellow garb sitting about and even tho my attention was with my aunt my heart went out to them.

Our volunteers involved in this tragedy have given their all and we should be proud of them - help from overseas countries is arriving and I'm saying welcome them into the community. There have been lots of stories in the media but don't worry if their methods are different or if they think their ideas are better, accept that several heads are better than one, we can all work together, they have given their offer of help and thats all they want to do - help us in our hour of need.

A Pam is now resting in a bed, not the trolley she stayed on till 11am Sunday, yes they really were full, after 24hrs of pain ( now being controlled) the ashen grey colour has left her face and as well as looking so much better she is able to smile . At one time I really thought she was going to leave us but no she's a tough old bird and as I helped her with lunch a short time ago (a broken right wrist makes it hard to feed oneself ) she did ask if she could have a white wine with her dinner this evening. lol

Anyway I'm having a little time away from the computer so will be back another day.


  1. Get some rest and do what you need to do. Will see you when you come back t blog land! Take care!

  2. I don't know if this is right but I think a few bloggers had a tough week, and I guess we didn't come face to face with people in the hospital.

    I grew up with the CFA, my Dad took the truck out each weekend.

    Look after yourself and pop in a little bit.

  3. Oh Cathy. You sound tired. Please take care of yourself.
    I have enjoyed your jokes of late. Both Hubby and I have laughed and laughed. Often we just say the punch line of some and burst out laughing. Thank you.

  4. Hope you're feeling more like yourself again soon, Cathy. And hope A Pam continues to improve. xx

  5. Take you time, and we will be here when you return! I hope A pam recovers nicely and quickly!

  6. Sounds like you need a well deserved break Cathy. I am ever so sorry to hear about A Pam and I hope she recovers quickly from this latest fall. When I read about you seeing your Firefighters too, well that was heartwrenching knowing what they have been through and how very tired they must be. My hat goes off to them. I hope the help that the overseas firefighters bring will be of some help. Have a nice rest my dear friend, you deserve it.

  7. Look after yourself Cathy sometimes we all need a little break to regroup ourselves. Wishing Aunt a speedy recovery. I got a laugh out of the white wine bit.

  8. we'll be praying for you guys! Take care and see ya soon!

  9. Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. Take care.


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