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Friday, January 2, 2009

Those beginning of the year jobs

As it is supposed to be the second month of summer here I’m not sure what is going on with our weather.

With so many of our industries closed during this time from Christmas to the first Monday in January lots of families are away on holiday and I don’t think they would be appreciating the weather we have had these past few days.

This week it’s been cool below average temp days and cold needing another blanket on the bed nights – for the best part of today I have been walking around in a winter top with fleecy tracky pants. The one good thing is that its rained on some of the days but if you are camping down at Rosebud foreshore with the Bay two steps away from the tent that’s the last thing you want. lol

So, to keep myself from thinking about the fact that to save a little bit on the gas bill we turned off the pilot light on the gas heater just before Christmas and it would be a real pain to try and light it again (that’s Dh’s job as he can see the writing on the side of the frame) I found a job to do in the bedroom.

No Dh was a the golf club all day so you can get that idea out of your mind :)) – I did my beginning of the year job in the wardrobe.

Each January for the last few years I’ve turned the coat hangers round the other way. Normally my hangers hang over the bar – not under the bar – so now when I use anything they will be rehung the ‘usual’ way.

I’ve pared my clothing down a lot since I retired, its mostly casual clothing now but doing this gives me a way at the end of the year to see if there is anything I haven’t worn. I do get some idea at the end of seasons, Melbourne has a temperate climate without an extreme temperature range, coldish winter and supposedly hot summers but you know we can have four seasons in one day here so I don’t do that Northern Hemisphere thing of packing clothes away at the end of winter or summer. They all live in the wardrobe and get worn at all times of the year not when the date on the calendar dictates what should be worn. Lol

Part of the day was spent looking at finances. We have been fine-tuning a few things for 2009 and once again I used the free budget spreadsheet from this site.


Downloading this spreadsheet is easy, its in two parts, one for your budgeted amounts and another for actual monthly expenditure over the year. It shows you know visually where you are overspending; I try to record what we spend so we can see where it all goes, they have lots of categories for that to happen. Doesn't provide us with more money but satisfies my need to know we are able to survive (and also save a bit) on what we do receive :))

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  1. Thankyou for sharing the budget spreadsheet.

    I will have a look some time soon. Budgeting is on my list of priorities for this year, so if I can find something helpful it will be a great asset.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year Celebration. All the best for 2009.

    They are predicting that it is going to be a bad one economically for Australians.



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