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Sunday, January 4, 2009

They've been having us on

For all you fans of the King I thought you’d like to know Elvis is alive and well in Australia

This is the week all those Elvis impersonators make their way to Parkes, a smallish town in country New South Wales for the annual Elvis Festival.

You can read all about it here


As well as all the benefits of a great country lifestyle and the Elvis Festival Parkes also has another claim to fame.

The radio telescope outside the town played a part in space history especially during the first mission to land a man on the moon. If you ever in that part of Australia it is well worth a visit

Look here http://www.csiro.au/org/VisitParkesTelescope.html to see the place that inspired a funny movie made of this time called The Dish – try to get a copy; most of it’s the way it was but I think they used a bit of poetic licence for some scenes.

Not sure it’s big enough for a game of cricket and I think it would have been too valuable to let a lot of people just walk about on let alone chuck balls about.

Now hands up if you knew there was another Elvis visiting our country

The international fire fighting helicopter/crane known as Elvis is now on duty Down Under for the fire season. This press release tells us about his coming and that he has several mates here with him; I love that one is called Elsie :)

They have been worked quite hard on their recent visits so I'm sure they are hoping to have an easier time this year. Lets hope it turns out that way

Photos courtesy google and Flickr


  1. I remember Elvis. How shocked folks were at his antics!

  2. hey
    you are an interesting person with interesting thing to tell

  3. we have Elvis alive here in Canada as well, he's all over the world!!!!

    Gill in Canada


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