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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Redhead Joke

On a vey hot day here in Melbourne this is all I have the energy to do - pass on a joke that found its way to our inbox this morning.

The Redhead

A gorgeous redhead goes into the doctor's surgery and says her body hurts wherever she touches it.

'Impossible' says the doctor. 'Show me'

The redhead takes her finger pushes on her left breast and screams, then she pushes on her elbow and screams in even more agony.

She pushes her knee and screams, then she pushes on her thigh and more screaming.

Pushes her ankle, more screams - everywhere she touches makes her scream.

The Doctor says, 'You're not really a redhead are you?'

'Well, no', she says, 'I'm actually a blonde.'

'I thought so', the doctor says,

'Your finger is broken'.

I didn't say it was funny:))


  1. That IS funny! Especially since my red hair comes out of a bottle! (don't tell)


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