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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quiet days

Wednesday and Thursday have been quiet lazy days – cool but sunny days – ideal for pottering in the garden, listening to the cricket and washing the last of the Christmas linen (not from Christmas Day) festive doyleys and tablecloths before putting them away for another year.

All the decorations are now out in the garage safely packed in their containers and this year I actually labelled the outside of the boxes. For the last 5 or 6 years I've used some big 44 ltr plastic boxes to store the individual containers which are great ‘cose they have wheels and also stack, the only drawback is they are a solid blue colour and not see through so you know what happens in December don’t you – yes, I have to check each one to actually find out what’s in them.

Its the same each year - don’t need the tree lights before the 'ornaments' so wonder which box ‘they’ are in lol

Don’t need Christmassy BBQ crockery till later – wonder which box they are in?

So as I say come December this year I will know what’s in each one – bet you I still have a little look to check tho'

Tomorrow is going to be cool again and as Dh will be off at the golf course I’m going to start reading one of my Christmas presents.

Have to nip to the hospital and see my Aunt first and sort out of few other things, then its settle down in the chair time.

The Islands by Di Morrissey – Di Morrissey is an Australian author who writes easy to read novels with Australian characters.

This one is set in one of my favourite places The Hawaiian Islands and the main character is called Catherine - so it has to be a good read lol


  1. I am guilty of putting mine in the containers and not knowing till I open them whats in what. Wish I had done it your way. LOL

  2. Aren't you organised? Well done. I am more of 'just put them where they fit' sort of person so have to open all of the containers to find anything. Christmas is over for another year and I still haven't found the fairy for the top of the tree.
    Have you read The Spare Room by Australian writer, Helen Garner. It is a good read and although it is about the last stages of cancer, it is also about love, friendship, courage and honesty. Well worth getting it out of the library. I haven't read any of her other books but I will now. Margaret


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