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Thursday, January 1, 2009

One down, how many to go?

Today has been quite a productive day, I managed to get lots of odd jobs done as well as a major one. I started out this morning with just the biggy - called tidying the garage - in mind and it sort of flowed on from there.

When I get into a cleaning/tidying up/decluttering mood I have a terrible habit of filling bags and boxes with all the 'stuff' I don't want in the house and yet am not prepared to give up just at that moment. One year I tried really hard and did the 'in the bin or charity bag' with gusto and was so angry when I regretted tossing a craft book I now have to have a holding pen. So yes, you are one step in front of me - it all lands up in the garage.

They have to go somewhere till I get round to making the decision, I'm a Libran and I have to look at both sides of the story and unfortunately unless its something I really don't like or have finished with I can't do it instantly. Of course when we have company I 'clean' through, enjoy the clear look then realise I do need half the stuff I put out there so have to go and retrieve a lot the next week. lol

Anyway as it wasn't too hot today I thought it would be good to find out how much tinned goods I have out there in one of the cupboards, sort out a couple of the boxes and give the floor a bit of a sweep as well. I am pleased to tell you our bin is a lot fuller than it was this morning and there are bags in the car to go down the road and apart from some knitting patterns that must have walked out there by themselves and jumped into one of the bags 'cose I'm not sure how they could have got there nothing came back indoors again. There are however still a couple of boxes to go through - but thats for another day. :))

Oh and guess what, I was going through some old paper work and found a $10 note - so it was worth while my double checking instead of just tossing.

Now the next decision - do I save it or spend it ??????

1 comment:

  1. Sound very good. Well done.

    Maybe you could put a permanent search on ebay for your craft book, rather one the same.


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