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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New look

Well its January and Summer down here and I'm also after a new look so I've decided to give the blog a new look as well.

A cool blue look, blue being my favourite colour and the colour of the sea and the sky. It's called harbor and as I love being outdoors and also by the beach this is it.

Went off for a long walk today something I hadn't done all week. I had a funny feeling the first time I started out when Dh was away and came back home. I had a crazy feeling about there being no-one home if something happened to me in the street, - yet I happily went off to the Leisure Centre with no qualms at all. I put it down to the fact there that outside I'd be at the mercy of whoever came by but there'd be trained staff at the Leisure Centre. Funny I know.:))

Bye for now


  1. Love the new look. Blue is my favorite color as well.

  2. Hey, you're not all that far from where I live. I'm in the Ballarat region of Victoria!

    I like the page layout. It's very cool and fresh looking. :o)


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