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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Hot Days to come

It is summer here in Australia and it’s supposed to be hot. We've had some hot days recently but the forecast for this coming week is getting a bit out of control.

If this was the back of Bourke it might be the norm but here in Melbourne historically we only get a few days of temps over 40c/104f and they are usually scattered here and there. My suburb doesn’t have a weather station but there are two close by and this is what the weather forecaster has predicted for this week coming.

40c/104f - low 22c/72f
41c/106f - low 19c/66f

40c/104f - low 23c/73f1
41c/106f - low 20c/68f

40c/104f - low 23c/73f
42c/108f - low 20c/668f

41c/106f - low 22c/72f
42c/108f - low 19c/66f

If I had to move I'm not sure which one I'd go to - the one with the higher day temps and lower nights or the other:)

Adelaide is having hot days as well and our weather seems to follow their pattern so there will be more to follow after the weeekend.

Down here we tend to be insulated from the very nasty northern hemisphere winters especially the one you are 'suffering' this season so when our weather gets 'nasty' we know all about it.

A heatwave it is and I gave in yesterday, turning on the airconditioning early afternoon - it did mean we were able to go off to sleep in a relatively cool house.

Somehow I don't think I'll be doing any gardening lol

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  1. Wow, Cathy that is hot. It's cold here in Nebraska, going to get down to zero tonight. I haven't done the letter meme yet but I will. I had my small group at church tonight and just got home. I thought I would read a few blogs and then go to bed.


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