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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More hard work ahead

Now I'm going to be really brave here and show you something that will be gone in a few months time. Positive thinking here lol

You may not know it but I've been putting on a bit of extra flesh here and there around the body. When it came to not losing it I have had all the excuses in the world - lifes been a pain this past year, no time to cook properly, gym membership never used (time element again) too tired (and lazy) to walk etc etc.

Ever since we came back from Bowen in September I have been giving myself pep talks and it worked for a while, but I knew it wouldn't last so it was down to the local Weight Watchers I trotted.

Nothings easy in my house but slowly a few of the kilos are moving on - I've been working at it and have given some away since this was taken at a function in early December last year - Not sure where they are going but they are leaving my house:)

So you might see this outfit again but not that amount of - well what ever it is under those clothes.

Goodness don't I look old, tired, weary and frumpy, not a good look:((

I am realistic to know I won't be wearing a bikini again - at least I realise if I did I wouldn't look like I did back in 1975.

Funny to think that this little lad is 42 years old now, you'll have to guess at my age :))



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  1. Hello Cathy

    Good on you for starting Weight Watchers (or Whale Watchers as my friend calls is *giggles*).

    I think WW has the best approach to dieting - eat everyday food in controlled portions and eat a little bit of what you like eg.if you have points left over, have a Tim Tam! That way you are not depriving yourself of all the lovely food that got you roly-poly in the first place and you are less likely to fall in a dieting heap.
    Remember, slowly does it - a kilo a week would be fantastic but if its 500gms then thats okay too.
    Been there, done that!

    Best of luck - Joolz

  2. Good luck with the ww Cathy -

    you don't look 'old, tired, weary or frumpy', naughty you!

  3. Go for it Cathy, I wish you success. Remember just work on one kilo at a time. Margaret

  4. Hi Cathy
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and commenting. It is always so nice to get a comment from new/different people though of course I appreciate all my commenters. Have come over to your place for a sneak around & I am really enjoying it. I have found we do many of the same things like turn our coathangers around every new year. My friends think I am mad for doing this I think i am smart glad to see someone being smart with me. LOL!!
    Have a great day

  5. Hey there, good for you.
    I loved your picture, you look like one of the girls with grandmother faces!

  6. Hi Cathy

    My sister started WW last week and after 1 week has lost 1.7kg. She was thrilled. She is doing WW South Australia which is different from International. Are you doing the points system? She is doing the system which concentrates on portion control and food groups. eg. you eat so many portions of carbs, fruits, veg, dairy etc. So far she has found it quite easy and hasn't felt the need to bust out and be naughty.
    You can do it!

    - Joolz

    PS - Just don't try the recipe that I blogged today - naughty!

  7. I wish you luck with your weight loss journey.

    My overweight friend has started the liver cleansing diet and is steadily losing weight. She has serious health issues because of her weight.

    I have cut out sugar and dairy from my food plan and am losing steadily also without adding exercise to the mix yet.

    You will feel so much better eating healthy and your energy will rise. We haven't got a ww here unfortunately.



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