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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Letter Meme

The other day Gill at That British Women was sharing her Letter Meme with us so I asked for a letter from her. Pop in and see her some time.

She suggested the letter T so here in no particular order are my answers - I have given my likes but I'm sure it could be played with dislikes as well

TAP DANCING - I love all types of dance style but tapping has to be my all time favourite. I tapped as a child ( I think most of us did) and then whenI heard about a local studio starting adult ‘lessons’ I was there banging on the door lol That’s me in the red shoes

Dance concert 1985

TREES – Lovely to sit under, fun to climb., and you don't even have ot be a male to do so lol My idea of time well spent is to be on my deck and just watch the trees blowing around. Must be a memory from my babyhood ‘cose it seems Mum would put us out in our prams under trees to watch the world go by and as we got older she would talk about the leaves blowing in the wind and how they gave out oxygen for us to live. I used to do the same with mine

Caitlin tryingot reach the boys

THONGS – these I love and by these I mean the sandals with a piece of strap that goes between the big and first toe. When the Temperature rises they are on the shoe rack all the time and if it dips I’ve even been known to wear them with socks lol

THYROXIN - This is a must take each day - my Thyroid Gland doesn't work correctly so I have a daily dose of this hormone or strange things happen to my body. I get fat, extremely tired, and am grumpy with mood swings. and thats just a few lol

TENNIS - Love it. Haven’t played properly since High School but have racquets here for the grandkids to take down the park. Australian Open is on at the moment, thinking of all those people going through the Turnstiles at The Tennis Centre has me jealous (lack of cash, not cheap to go these days) –Roger F is doing well this year, lets hope nothing goes wrong.

TABBY CATS - These are a favourite of mine. They are either feisty and prowl the neighbourhood becoming known as That Cat or they are soft and sooky like this one here. We inherited Tox from one DD - named so because she says she was in'tox'icated when she saw him at the roadside.

Tox 2000

TWELVE – I always have felt the number twelve is my lucky one. I was born on the 12th, and have lived in various houses with the number 12 or a number divisible by 12, also became engaged to my Dh on the 12th.

TEA – I love a cup of Tea and I love to sit down at a Table to take Tea. For me to enjoy a cup of tea I have to have it served from a Teapot into a ‘proper’ china teacup and I’m not going to enjoy it if I have to be careful where I put the cup. I’m not a snob but have friends who serve their tea in mugs, I just can’t take that so I rarely drink tea outside of my house.

TELEPHONEs – These I like ‘cose I like to Talk. I don’t like mobile/cell phones so don’t have one but I love the cordless/speaker phone we have at home. There’s so much I can do while using that phone, wash dishes, make beds, hang washing out –what you mean to say you’ve never done that??

Does anyone remember the public phone boxes that had a door. Even tho there were glass windows it felt as if you were in a world of your own.

TRAVEL - Put me in front of a railway/train station with a ticket office close by and I'm raring to go :)

East Retford Station 1985 Dh, me, Dad and sister

Doesn't have to be the biggest - this one will do

Puffing Billy 1974

But then this will do

The Ghan 1992

And this is ok as well

The Canadian 2000

click on thephotos to enlarge them

Now if you want to play along there are a few rules:

1. Leave a comment on this blog and I will assign you a letter.
2. Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
3. Post the list on your blog.
4. When people comment on your list, you assign them a letter, and the game continues.


  1. Really interesting post, Cathy, enjoyed reading your favourite things. Can I have a letter please? Caroline x

  2. great list Cathy, thanks for playing along......

    Gill in Canada

  3. Nice list. I'm learning more about you every day!

  4. Lovely post Cathy, enjoyed it and also the photos. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such warm comments. I am slowly getting back into the groove and have enjoyed catching up on your blog.

  5. Nice post, you can give me a letter. Don't make it a hard letter, please like q,x,y or z. I don't have enough brain power for those, lol.

  6. Very fun! I'm with you on Trees and Tea, and wouldn't mind taking up tap dancing. I like travel more in my mind than in reality, I'm afraid, maybe because mostly when I travel it's work-related. If anyone would like to send me to Italy, I would embrace Travel with a capital T.



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