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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day in My Life - January 2009

Today has been a hot one - so consequently I didn't get round to doing any gardening as planned
I hadn't expected to sleep well last night, mainly 'cose Dh is out of town. Another factor was because we'd a very warm day yesterday the bureau had warned us about and extraordinarily warm night. When I woke about 7am ( after sleeping sound all night!) it felt like it hadn't cooled off at all - heard the news and realised for once they had got it right. Didn't go below 28c/82f at all and it was up in the 30s by 9am.
There are bush fires raging in other states and the likelihood of them in Victoria was quite high, so today had been declared a Total Fire Ban Day. A Batten down the Hatches Day - close all the doors and windows against the heat and find something to do indoors.

After breakfast, still in my nightie and with tea in hand I started up the computer warning it not to play up like yesterday. You'd have thought it was in the Antarctic the number of times it froze - stopped dead in its tracks - that is not a good thing to happen when Dh is away. Not good mentally as I hate those questions - what did you do to it, where had you been, did you open something or download something??? Checked the emails, did some online banking the banks and turned it off.

Stripped the bed and got a load in the machine, decided that after this hot day I'll sleep well this evening in fresh sheets. With the heat and the breeze I also took the cotton blankets off as well and gave them a birthday, then had my morning shower to freshen up.

Rummaged through my craft cupboard for some supplies and started making some Beaded Angels to go on a stall. Haven't done any beading for a while and was surprised at how much paraphernalia I actually had, look at all that beading wire - Now what can I make to use it up:) These are easy things to make and I'd finished 5 within an hour. The group suggested just 10 to begin with so as I needed more heads finished up then.

On the table you can also see I've knitted several pairs of the fingerless mittens Rhonda talked about in her blog, she got the idea from Heather and adapted it to come up with a really simple pattern. They are so easy to knit, depending on how much time you have a pair can be finished in a couple of evenings.

Anyway back to today, spent a while on the phone with granddaughter, she's (and Ds and the rest of the family) up holidaying up on the river at Echuca. She turned 14 and was thrilled with the books (always a good choice for her) and the cash (also a good choice) She surprised me by saying it was going in the bank towards their trip to Thailand later in the year. Maybe she's growing up after all - she's a bit like her Dad and her Grandma in days of old as normally it would have been spent within the week.
Popped out just before lunchtime to Theo's in Boronia to get the large pearl beads for the angels' heads. Have to practice lots of self restraint when I go in there - things are literally hanging off the rafters at times just waiting to be popped into my shopping bag. Was very careful and only got what I needed for myself but did find some lace at a good price for a friend.


  1. The angels are beautiful.

    The other day I stripped my eldest daughters bed and put on a fresh doona and sheet for the hot weather.

  2. what a lovely day, Cathy. I posted two pairs of mittens to my sister in the Blue Mountains yesterday. They're a nice little gift and so easy.

    I love your washing line photo. You have a lovely backyard.

  3. Sheets fresh from the clothesline, what a luxury!

    Linda, what is a doona???


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