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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day in My Life January 2009 (2)

Hello again - Blogger played up and the first part published so here I am with the afternoon. These are a couple of shots of the road home from Boronia. Thats part of the Dandenongs with the TV towers in view. Visible from many parts of Melbourne, including my back deck.

And of course its amazing what you see driving down the road so close to suburbia - logging trucks at an intersection.
Had a quiet afternoon, so hot didn't even go outside to sit in the shade of a tree. the breeze had dropped and it was 'orrible:) I did have a lovely chat on Messenger with a friend in Nova Scotia, I love the intenet and being able to contact others without the cost of the phone. We do have Skype but it can be tempermental at times and as I mentioned this machine is not behaving itself at all so we clung onto the connection we had. Told her about the very hot day we were having so she laughed and told me they were expecting more snow to go on top of the last lot from the past weekend and did I want to come and visit, the only hot place would be in her house :)
I have a friend who grows fresh flowers for the trade and she often tells me her hands get cold some winter days, she wears cotton gloves to pick - needs them to feel the stems but not crush them ) so I gave her some of the fingerless mittens as a gift telling her when the weather cools down to wear them under the cotton gloves and see how she goes. She turned up yesterday with a huge bag of green beans from her garden so I spent this afternoon blanching and freezing them. A very welcome gift as mine haven't flourished in the garden at all this summer. My tomatoes aren't having a good time either so they may be going in the compost - can't waste good water on bad stock.
Its finally cooled off, I have made the bed up clean and opened the windows. Maybe I'll gather up my knitting and have a short time outside before it gets dark. Certainly not a busy day at all but then who knows what the next one will be like:))
Edited to say - I don't know why Blogger is showing my photos so large - hope its not a problem for anyone


  1. Thought I would pop over here and answer your question...I have no idea.... they lost their full time receptionist back in October and a friend of mine did two days a week and then one of the new sales people does the other three days (they have to pay him a retainer until he sells his first property anyway)and then I was doing Saturday. My friend is leaving to live in melbourne (my best friend a whole other upset)so I got her days now that my youngest is off to school.

    The toruble is the other two have their own agenda my friend won't use publisher to make documents and flyers so she uses word and this complicated table system, which menas everything takes so much longer, the guy isn't at all motivated and just barely gets half his list done so I would clean it all up on Saturdays..when the phone was quieter.

    So when I got there Monday there was about four weeks of filing that hadn't been done and a whole host of other stuff so they asked me to come in and get it done Tuesday while Mark was there to do the phones, then they gave me all this other stuff but I got it all done and left at 3.30. So I walked in yesterday and Mark had only managed to do three things on the list for Tuesday so i got them done and then tackled the rest of the stuff they gave me yesterday I am supposed to sart at 9am I started at 8.30, then I am supposed to leave at 5 I left at 5.30 and I ate lunch at the front desk again.

    Then they asked me to go in this afternoon to help the accoutns girl with all that stuff (she is also a sales person). But today I am going to get some clearer guidleines and make sure I know when I can leave for a break.

    Sorry for the novel but i am so overwhelmed!!


  2. Hi Cathy,

    Sounds like you had a lovely day, despite the heat. Your beaded angels are lovely - so clever.


  3. Ah heat. Send some this way. Tomorrow will be soo cold.
    It was interesting seeing the logging truck looking so much like own roads here. This is a huge logging area.
    Take care,

  4. Wow! It looks so lush and green. Here it just looks well...white! I love it when the sunshines though, although none of that today. Just a gentle snowfall all day.

    Not busy days are good once in awhile! Even with kids, I sometimes can find a day like that. They're rejuvenating!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed visiting yours too!


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