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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beach days

Well today is going to be warm, a gentle warm not excessive like the last couple of days so loads of kids will be pleading with parents to go to the beach.

When I was a child we lived in the south of England and all the beaches there seemd to be made from pebbles. You know lots of tiny round stones and not a speck of sand to be seen.
This is me at 3 years with a cousin on Southsea beach - see all those stones! How do kids make sandcastles with all that there??

Circustances - meaning where we lived at the time and the fact that Dad didn't drive and we had to use public transport - meant I didn't go far from home - so all the years I lived in the UK I never knew there were beaches like this until our last trip to England in 2006.

This is Scarborough, in Yorkshire on the east coast of England. Look at that long wide expanse of sand - looks miles to the sea.


We'd been staying for a while at my sister's place in Retford and one day decided just to go where ever the road went and this is where we ended up. I had vague memories of donkeys at the beach but hadn't actually seen them in action and was thrilled at this sight.

The next year I heard they had won an award for being the best beach donkey resort - read about it here I must say they looked great the day we were there, so placid and trusting.
Imagine all those kids (as well as some adults) climbing over you hanging on for dear life as you amble over the sands

Wonder what these two are saying to each other lol
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  1. Those are very nice photos of the beach. Wish it was warm weather here. The snow has been melting the last couple of days, but snow is in the forecast for Sat, Sun, and Monday.

  2. Hi Cathy! I had a look at your blog after you left a comment on my Tea tribute! Thanks for visiting my blog, come again and follow if you like, invite your friends! This one on beaches is being read as I sit looking out at the wintry white frost of a freezing cold Irish bleak midwinter's day, warmed me up a bit! Look forward to reading more, glanced at the golf joke haha!

  3. And I forgot to say we have lovely sandy beaches in the south of Ireland, like Scarborough, unlike the south of England. Strange isn't it!

  4. Hi Cathy
    Southsea is probably our closest beach but it is somewhere you go for a brisk walk along the promenade or for a fair on the common, not beach swimming for small children! (some do but its not really that kind of place. Head west for some better beaches!(although this being England,the water is still going to be pretty cold!

  5. Hi Cathy,
    We have a beautiful pebble beach her in Maine that I love. The stones heat up with the summer sun and it great for an afternoon snooze. However walking on it is different.
    I love the soft sand beaches for sure.

  6. I love the new look on your blog. the beach pictures are lovely. We are having an extremely cold winter here in Tennessee, USA. It has been down below zero this past week.

  7. As much as I love snow and winter I also love the beach! Your photos make me anxious to visit ours.


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