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Monday, January 5, 2009

Anyone got any matchsticks

Today has been lovely and warm - as it should be in January - which helped my mood in some ways but I've had heavy eyes all day due to Dh playing steam trains via his mouth and nose at various times during the night as well as two huge great fire trucks careering past the house at 5am bells, whistles and lights going like crazy - putting it politely I had a fractured nights sleep and will be off to the land of nod quite soon.

Back in the swing of things now so took a walk first thing to wake me up and then popped down for an early visit to see A Pam - she 's still in hospital - and as the Dr hadn't done his rounds the nursing staff just say she coming along ok and no decision has been made about when she can be discharged. Now Pam would love to be out and about and it is so hard trying to convince her she has to stay there. We watched some of the cricket and that seemd to pacify her - we (Australia) didn't do too well in the first two tests so we have got to pull our socks up on this one or our reputation will be well and truly shot.

Washing and clearing out some kitchen drawers took care of the afternoon and then I nipped down to the gym for a body pump class. Guess who forgot all the usual timetables are on hold at the moment as its holiday time and lots have gone away so I went down into the gym and found all the treadmills and equipment were in use (so much for people being on holiday!) came home feeling very dejected, there I was all raring to go and couldn't so went for another walk up the road instead.

Bye for now, See you tomorrow


  1. nothing worse when you are all raring to go and things are cancelled. I was supposed to start my new diet class this Thursday but its not starting til next Thursday. Sigh. I suppose I will have to finish off all those mince pies!!

  2. "I've had heavy eyes all day due to Dh playing steam trains via his mouth and nose at various times during the night"

    that is funny......

    Gill in Canada

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Hope you get a good night sleep!
    I am Blessed Dh does not snore.
    Have agreat wk.

  4. I know exactly what you mean by those steam trains Cathy - thats why Im down here reading blogs at silly o'clock.

    I wish you would send some of your warm sunny days our way it freezing here - literally.


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