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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another day - another ??

Seems its going to be another stinking HOT one!!

We set a new record today, the heatwave is causing train lines to buckle, power cuts all over town and fires too many to mention.

So all I want is the cool change to come through and a good nights sleep. The temps next week are going to be in the 30s - 80f and higher but no mentionof 40c.

Thank goodness . Now I'll quietly return to the TV screen and watch the Tennis.

Last night I saw Roger Federer win his way into the final last night and then watched a 'fun' celebrity match between Pat Cash and Mats Wilander.

They play the tennis I like - non of this base line ping pong - they are in, out and around the court. Good shot :))

You must pop over to Frogdancer's blog and read this post.

She lives in Melbourne so along with several million of us is trying to cope with the heat. If you've ever raised boys you will understand completely.


  1. Isn't this cool breeze lovely? I was sitting out on the back step for ages enjoying cool air and the sliver of moon.

  2. I will gladly share some cold with you!

  3. Here, we await snow. My parents, who live in the midwest of the U.S., are iced in. I bet everyone would like to switch things around right now!


  4. I love the tennis and have been following it over here in the UK but like you much prefer the oldies type of tennis - Roger Federer bores me stiff, he is a bit too perfect. I was a Junior Wimbledon qualifier in 1960 but my wonky knees caused a final collapse on the tennis court!

  5. Just heard on the news how very hot you are..I am so sorry. Just be very still and drink lots of water!

  6. Mats Wilander - now there's a name I've not heard for a while. I remember having several pictures of him on my bedroom wall many years ago - I had quite a thing for him!


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