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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Theres a New One coming

Can’t stay long – this dratted machine has been playing up
Each time I go to load something it freezes
Change a web site and it freezes so I give up
Haven't visited anyone for ages
Dh says once ‘his man’ comes back from holidays
it will be going down for a grease and oil change and possibly some parts renewed.
Why does that make me think of a diminished bank balance??

Anyway I hope you enjoy this evening
and look forward to seeing you all in 2010.
We are staying close to home this year
at the moment its 30c/about 85f here in Melbourne and very humid 
there’s a cool change supposedly on its way
complete with thunder lightning and torrential rain

What’s the betting it arrives about midnight
just as the big firework display is set to start lol

Bye for now
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Male Elks have long antlers

Why Male Elk Have Long Antlers


* *


I've been told its a male thing lol

(looks better enlarged)

Watery Wednesday Dec 2009

We took this photo at Wentworth NSW in October 2007
It was taken at the
Junction of the River Murray and the River Darling

There are countless images of this spot on the internet

A cyclone has just passed over the Top End
causing flooding in NSW
You would think that if it rains further upstream of the Darling
it would then flow down to the Murray
The Darling has loads of water in it and it is coming downstream
but if you read this article
you'll find out that the water may not end up
where you think it will

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Those inbetween days

It’s a funny time this between Christmas and the New Year here in Australia its usually a very quiet time, being summer so many people are away, so its a time to recharge and ponder ones navel lol

Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) Dh had planned to meet up with a freind and golf - thats if I didn't mind. How could I say no to him??  Some days its like swings and roundabouts - there'll be a time when I need something done and I'll ask him nicely, just like he did with the golf lol

Anyway there is a long tradition of a cricket test match being played here in Melbourne, starting on Boxing Day and being a public holiday the first day is usually sold out so we always watch on TV. This year Australia are playing Pakistan – we had already played The Windies (West Indies) earlier in the year and that didn’t turn out to be the best of series. They are not the side they used to be back in the 1970’s and for some reason we weren’t a crash hot team for those 3 tests either.

So with Dh safely ensconced at the golf course I messed around most of the morning listening to the opening session on the radio and checking out the TV minus sound, then took one DD and one GD to visit A Pam in the afternoon.  Its terrible to admit that in days gone by I would have been at the Boxing Day sales the minute the shops opened - I certainly don't need anything more in the house but I also have to admit I wondered what 'bargains' there may have been lol

Dropped in on our other DD on the way home to see what her DD thought of the Netball ring we gave her for Christmas. Somehow I think she was more interested in the Ipod thingy she got (latest version with big touch screen etc lol)

Sunday after nipping in very quickly to A Pam - my cousin (her son) has come over from Perth for a few days and was taking her out to lunch so I popped in to do her hair and make sure she'd been dressed in the 'nice' clothes we put out - I started to sort through the bags on the spare bed - you know those ones hastily stuffed at the last minute with things from corners - put there out of the way 'cose you want the visible rooms to be just so if people dropped in unannounced - I did actually put some things away in their proper spots and started a bag for the op-shop but then I got side tracked when I picked up a bag of knitting wool - bad move - 'cose since then I've finished a couple of those little sleeveless jackets I knit for a charity stall and half a childs cardigan for the same place:)) 

A Pam gets very confused if theres a lot of people around - along with his wife, there was also his daughter and boyfriend who had come over from Perth to see her Grandma possibly for the last time and with our Melbourne cousin and her husband there it would have been just too many -so I had lunch with him yesterday  and it meant I could chat to Graeme and the family on our own and not have to vie for his time lol

My goodness thats an awful lot of words just to say I've done very little since Christmas Day:))

Somehow or another I think my family know me well
The photo below seems to sum up my life at the moment
My love of the House and mainly the Garden
and also Music must be very obvious
'cose I received several gift cards to The Big Green Barn
aka as B'unnings

and one to a favourite Butchers Shop over at Chirnside Park
(will come in very handy when I get the freezer emptied)

One of those new fangled photo frames which Dh has already loaded a disk into
Also tickets to see the Jersey Boys
Choccies yea

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Peaceful Day

Part of the Christmas message is for
Peace on Earth
Goodwill to all Men
Thats just how things seemed to go
with my family
on Christmas Day

As we had already had our family gathering it was a bonus for us when one son and one daughter with their families managed to pop over and see us on that special morning
Talking on the phone during the day to the son whose life is unhappy at the moment I could hear sounds in the background that told me his partner and the children had made time for them to be together with each other
We spoke with other family during the morning and sent our love and best wishes winging around Australlia and the world. 
So when I was feeling rested and on top of the world Dh and I packed up our simple Christmas Lunch and drove up to Warburton to eat on the banks of the river. I'd chopped and sliced the night before so it didn't take long to fill the esky and start the car. 
Cold Chicken, Lamb and Ham along with various salads, followed by Christmas Pudding and Vanilla Yogurt. To nibble on after that I'd taken several cheeses and crackers as well as a container of chopped and prepared fresh fruit - Grapes, Cherries, Strawberries, Kiwi Fruit oh and the Watermelon, Honeydew and Canteloupe.  It was to be washed down with a couple of beers for Dh and some Lambrusco for me - but I fogot to put them in the car- so we made do with the hot chinese green tea I'd made and put in the pump pot for in case it turned cold lol

This is the spot we chose
beside the Yarra River in Warburton
There was green grass, a warm breeze and cool water flowing by
Quiet and Peaceful

We drove home the pretty way, meaning not straight home, but out from Warburton and up via Reefton to Maysville the town that we lost last February on that awful Black Saturday
In places some of the forest has begun to regenerate,  the tree ferns have shot up again here and also on the Melba Highway but there were patches along this road where the poor blackened Mountain Ash looked as though the fires had gone through quite recently instead of 10months ago
This part of the road was confronting - I took these photos of the same spot one minute apart - the light had changed giving a slightly different look to the scene.  This stretch was near Cambarville not far from the Lake Mountain turn off 

I felt quite upset as we drove down the hill into Marysville, again it was a confronting sight seeing the streets in the liitle town with no houses or shops there, I found it hard trying to remember where each of the businesses were and I felt a little guilty as we looked around almost as if I was prying, I couldn't bring myself to take photos
So it was a quiet drive back along the Maroondah Highway over The Black Spur and then down into Healesville and home

If you read from these sites you will see the way the residents are getting on with life

Friday, December 18, 2009

Festive December - Functions

I think this will be my last post till after the Christmas Holiday
Things are happening within my family
that will need my full attention

My last social gathering for the year took place the other day
and my time is now my own
I will be able to concentrate on those problems
and see if life can become happier for all concerned

Hopefully the New year will be a better year for all the people involved

Twice a week I meet
some of these ladies in the photo below
We prepare gift packs of right sized clothing
for babies who have died prematurely in utero

This is a programme
dear to my heart
that comes under the auspices of Sids and Kids (Vic)

Along with my fabulous friend Cindy
(crouched beside me in the front row)
I co-ordinate the craft of many volunteers
Most of them are silent volunteers working at home
 and then forwarding their precious handwork to us
to be made into the sets
that are forwarded to hospitals
to be on hand if needed

These are some of the volunteers
who came to our Christmas Morning Tea

All very elegantly provided by the staff from the Malvern office
There are some other ladies who play a role in my life
They are the Red Hatters from my Chapter
'The Ritzy Reds'

We are the women in the red and pink hats. We are the ones enjoying life to the fullest, no matter where we are or what we are doing! We are the mothers, daughters and grandmothers, of society. Some may ask, "What do you do?" The answer is... We do exactly what we wish to do.

They keep me on the straight and narrow
and remind me that there is a time for fun
and thats when we are all together
So many things have happened this year
I wasn't able to meet with these fun friends as often as I wanted to
Thats going to change in 2010:))

This was taken last week at our Christmas Breakup
(I don't know why my shirt turned out so light in colour
It looks almost white in this photo)

Lunch was enjoyed by all
Talking and laughing is appreciated by all
oh and a little bit of bubbly makes the world go round

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Festive December - Angels and Santas

Little things around the house
that stay safely hidden away
till this special time of the year

please click on photos to enlarge

known in our house as

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watery Wednesday -

Still in Bowen Queensland 
August 2009

Some afternoons we'd come down for a walk
Beginning with 5minutes
standing on the foreshore just looking
Some days there'd be nothing going on
Some days there were out of the ordinary things going on
We only saw these horses on one occasion

click on the photos to enlarge and see in full

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going up

Guess what!
The man who actually came and gave me a quote
was the one to get the job

Recommended by a friend he's been on time every day
Has worked hard and cleaned up at the end of each day

Not finished yet
well on the way

We may have a new roof over the deck by this weekend
One that shades well
one that doesn't leak when it rains:)))

Monday, December 14, 2009

We have lift off

I see the sky above our deck

I never realised that tree had grown so big
until I saw it from another angle

Wonder what the wood is for

We'll find out all in good time


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Todays Flowers - Dec 09

aka Schlumbergera
Christmas Cactus

These hardy pot plants seem to grow wherever you want them to
Break a piece off and pot it up
and very soon you'll have a new plant

My plants have have all been started as cuttings
taken from friends or neighbours plants
They are growing in containers that hang over the railing of the deck
and are happy there most of the year
but I do put them in the shade
if the sun gets too hot

If the timing is right and they all bloom together
it looks like a ribbon of pink all the way along

Up in the Northern Hemisphere they are often called Christmas Cactus
'cose thats when they seem to flower

Not so down here - these photos were taken in October
right at the end of Winter, beginning of Spring
At first the plants seem to be a jumble of gnarly stems with a flower at the end
but if you really look
you will see they have the most delicate of blooms growing there
beautiful flowers that look lovely when in a massed display

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Festive December -Snowmen

I think we all love the 'funny little Christmasy things'
the children make either at school or at home

How many of you have made these snowmen before?
Using the inside of a toilet roll, wadding, felt, ribbon and paper
Oh and a piece of pipecleaner

I vaguely remember making something like this when I was small
but don't think we used the same materials
(post WW2 it was a case of make do and mend)
I think white crepe paper was involved
Anyway I helped my children with them
(and Santas as well using red crepe paper)
but this is one I made with grandchildren a few years ago now

Not sure what has happened to the ones they took home
to show their Mums that day
but mine gets put away each year
to come out again about this time

Here he is on the kitchen windowsill with some others for company
Totally out of place in our summer sunshine

Putting these bits and pieces round the house
is sort of a tradition that migrants from the Northern Hemisphere
clung to when they resettled Down Under

Bit like some of us having a hot meal on Christmas Day
when it could be 40c/104f lol

Friday, December 11, 2009

Never a dull moment

Remember the photos of the Dandenongs
I posted for yesterdays Skywatch Friday
Well they were taken this past Monday (Dec.7th)

This is how that lovely range looked
late yesterday afternoon (Dec 10th)

Driving back from Ringwood
it looked as tho' the sky had fallen down on the hills ahead

The photos are quite dark 'cose of the storm ahead
If you enlarge them you'll see the low clouds

I popped into the Kilsyth Oval as I knew there was a good view from there
This is where my boys played football when they were youngsters

From what I could see the rain was pelting down
from one end of the Dandenongs to the other

It poured for quite a while
- high winds, thunder and lightening -
enough for us to turn the computer off.

Today has been cool and dry
Its been a funny ol' December so far
Wonder what January will bring??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Close to where I live is a suburb called Montrose
Its right at the foot of the Dandenongs
and as you can see is towered over by the face of a mountain range

I'd gone there to take a picture of the War Memorial
and as usual was made aware of how the TV masts are so visible
sitting on top of the range

The contrast of the blue sky and white clouds
was also really evident

To get the best view of these photos click on them
and they will enlarge

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