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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A windy day

It began as a normal one then turned into one of those flow on from here to eternity type days.
You know the ones where starting one job leads to another and then down another path and before long you wonder when you’ll actually get the first job finished.

I did do as I said I would and started on the front room, then decided that as it was going to be another warm day with a strong breeze to change our bedding, to wash the woollen blanket that was coming off as well as the cotton ones that were going on.
The sheepskin chair covers from the front room got put in one of the wash cycles – can you see them on the line along with the blankets.

click to enlarge

So as the chair covers were being washed it seemed silly not to do the cobwebs before I vacuumed and as I was brushing around the window frame thought it would be a good idea to take the net curtains down, give the flyscreens a brush and clean the actual windows.

So out with the steps, down with the curtains and a short while later clean windows.

Inside and Out lol

For years all I’ve used is a soft cloth dunked in a bucket containing warm water along with a drop of bleach and a drop of washing up detergent, then rung out well, dried them with a piece of newspaper and never had streaks.

I believe in using easy ways and have the same no fuss attitude with the nets.

I soak them in the laundry trough in warm water with washing powder, roll them over the edge into the machine, give a short spin then rinse with fresh cold water in the machine followed by a very light spin. I've learned that hanging them wet means they dry with no creases.

We now have a nice tidy room that has a clean floor (under as well as around the furniture ) along with clean windows and window furnishings and no cobwebs:))

All the baby clothes are in the car and the only question I have now is - how long is it going to take to sort out all of the ‘ornaments’ I cleared off the table next to my chair that are now residing in a plastic bag, the bags of wool and other paraphernalia that was behind the chair and the various books that were on the floor beside the chair??

Most of it does have a proper home but at the moment it is now sitting just inside the spare room door waiting for me to have another burst of energy lol


  1. Hi Cathy! Good to hear from you again. I keep forgetting that you are getting summer while we are preparing for winter. Of course, I do love it though. The little yellow house is coming along, thank goodness! Some days though I am just needing a break from the renovations...lol! Talk 2 u soon, M

  2. Hi Cathy

    I always find when I tell someone about a part of my life that is in a mess or I show a photo of it on my blog - somehow without meaning to in a day or so it gets clean and tidy!!!

    It is one of the reasons I wanted eveyone to post about this - I know everyone gets in a muddle sometimes but somehow admitting to it makes the starting of getting over it easier.

    Have a look at The SImple Things sink photos and the empty garden bed I bet she posts on Monday that they are clean and planted out.

    I also think it is interesting that the things we show are probably the things that lurk closest - the things that really bug us.

    I plan on repeating this in about six months time I will intersted to see if it has the same sort of results.

    I do heaps of Charity Work too, and I bring it home as well!!!



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