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Monday, November 24, 2008

Win some Lose some

This past week has certainly been busy, no time to come here and chat but I did have some room to think about the saying ‘you win some and you lose some’

I’m not sure who is winning or losing where the weather is concerned - with a heat wave in tropical Queensland - terrible storms in southeast Queensland – snow in the Alps and Highlands of both NSW and Victoria – and the threat of flooding here in Victoria.

We lost out on the weather here in Melbourne last week as most of it was freezing and very wet but I had spent Monday cooking which meant we had meals in the freezer to use on those wet miserable days. The nice clean woollen blanket came out of the drawer and was laid over the bedcovers on more than one night and as it was so cold some days we actually had the heating on.

Part of the time lost in the garden ‘cose of the storms was spent visiting A Pam reassuring here she hadn’t been forgotten. She’s putting on weight and seems happy but in some ways is not quite the same as before. On those days the garden won with all the lovely rain making its way deep into the soil and I enjoyed my visit to A Pam.

There are a couple of ducks that live in the garden of the nursing home and she was telling me how they reminded her of some others ducks. I'd never heard her speak of ducks before so after some gentle 'prodding' I found out they reminded her of some that lived in the grounds of her home in Calcutta - she was raised in India so that memeory would have been from back in the 1920's. She is not remembering things that happened several hours previously and is retreating into the past more and more.

I spent many hours cutting out oodles of little nighties for our special babies so the programme won by having them ready for volunteers to sew and use in the gift packs. I will be away next week so this is my weekly commitment in advance.

I also won because I was so busy it kept me from rummaging through the cupboard for something to eat; I only stopped for a midmorning snack and proper meal times. Haven’t mentioned it for a while but my weight ballooned even more so I had to get real and start a proper regime and even tho’ there are still a few more kilos to come off I’d be ropable at WW if I gained lol.

I lost my car a couple of times when I went shopping – –well at least it wasn’t in the spot I normally leave it – found it parked ‘miles’ away and that’s when I remembered I’d parked elsewhere ‘cose of the full car park. And then there was a surprise 'win' as in my travels round the car park I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for ages so I sort of won that day :)

How come the crowds are out in force already, there’s a few more weeks until they normally fill the aisles and walkways and act as tho’ it’s the end of the world and they intend to buy everything in sight in case it disappears overnight?

I think I’m going to have to tie something to the aerial so I can see it from a distance as it’s quite embarrassing wandering round a multi story car park and knowing every person walking by is aware of my predicament by the darting eyes and strange vague look on my face lol

We (Australia) have ‘won some and lost some’ at sport during the past few days.

We won the Rugby Union test against France and the first Tran Tasman Cricket test of the season against New Zealand in Brisbane yet we lost the Rugby League World Cup to New Zealand in Sydney. Australia won a Soccer World Cup qualifying match against Bahrain the other day but lost the respect of their coach because of the way they played.

Didn’t think the cricket would get off on time the other day as the ground was very wet from the storms they had, the covers that are put down to keep the wicket dry had blown open during the night and there was water on the pitch.

I was listening to the cricket commentary on the radio (which meant I could get on with jobs in the kitchen) and laughed at the ABC cricket commentators reminiscing about the possible use of helicopter to dry the pitch many years ago during the early Packer time of World Series Cricket or the 'Pyjama Games' as it was called then ‘cose of the coloured clothing the players wore as opposed to the all white worn for Test Matches.

Must go now, hope to be back again soon


  1. I am forever losing my car in the acr park, quite embarrasing really when you think about it!!! Enjoy your time away,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Hi Cathy, a lovely post. And yes losing the car in the parking lot, I think it has happened to us all. How about looking for your car and forgetting you drove hubby's so you're actually looking for the wrong car? I sometimes press the beep-beep on my key now to listen for it but wouldn't help if I drove another flipping car -lol.


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