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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What secrets are you hiding today

Daisymum had a post today talking about 'Super Mums' and expectations of Self, Family and Friends. You;ll find it here so please pop over and read.

The other day she spoke about 'things' that didn't get done 'cose other 'things' cropped up.

Guess what - other 'things' have cropped up here and this is how my living room looks at the moment.

Looking in through the sliding door from the hallway you almost wonder what hit the place lol
I've mentioned before how I 'work' as volunteer co-ordinator for a programme that provides right sized clothing to hopitals for families whose babies die preterm. When all the little garments arrive at the Volunteer Centre there are a group of us who sort and size and then make up the little packs for the Treasured Babies as the programme is called.

But recently some of the 'girls' have been away so theres been a bit of a backlog in the sorting dept.

Lots of the knitted garments came home with me yesterday and I made a start - unfortunately I was out last night, made it messier this morning, its nearly noon now and I have to go out this afternoon so its going to have to stay this way for a few more hours :(

You will note even Dh is a messy one leaving his slippers and his books right beside his chair
This is my trusty comfortable chair plus several other 'ornaments' on the side table that have homes elsewhere. I shifted everything back so I could use the floor space so I promise by this time tomorrow I will have moved the furniture to its usual postition and it will be back to its normal presentable state.
Just hope the 'phone doesn't ring in the mean time as I'll probably break my neck trying to answer it. Will have to go to one of the bedrooms instead.


  1. Cathy

    You are so brave how wonderful to see those photos "cathy in a mess for Charity!!" Well done - liberating isn't it?????

    Take Care


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Charity work is worth making sacrifices for and if the house gets untidy or isn't clean does it matter?

  3. Hi Cathy,
    What a touching Post!
    Makes untidy work the effort of cleaning:o)
    What a wonderful thing your doing!

  4. Sometimes my living room looks like that I don't do charity work!


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