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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Problem solving

Sometimes we have parts of our gardens that are a problem. The side of our house has always been that way. A nothing area - just a piece of land than ran down the side of our house closest to oneof the boundary fences.

For years we used oil for our heating and thats where the old oil tank has been situated. when we changed to gas the oil company wanted an arm and a leg to remove it and take away so its stayed there ever since. We used to store things there and it generally became a no go area.

There were trees on our side of the fence for years and then when we moved interstate and it was rented out we cut them down for safety reasons - next door subdivided, built another unit close to the fence line (within the guidelines so we couldn't really object) and planted these pittosporums on the fence line for privacy

Anyway a couple of years ago I set to and cleared out all the rubbish and brambles etc and tried to tidy it up. I used some old decking timber we saved when we renewed the deck - I keep things just in case - to try and make a walkway and was going to grow a rose over the arch.

At the end of this particular day I took these photos to remind me of what I'd achieved.
Later - when I got more energy I filled the top part of the walk and the bit near the bottom of the house with mulch and its stayed reasonably tidy since then.
Will carry on another day and show you what it looks like now

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  1. That reminds me of some of my outside chores that I so reluctantly get into!


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