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Monday, November 10, 2008

How we look today

These are some photos I took today to follow up on my post about the side of the house.
Its a funny little 1960's house in the eastern suburbs that suits us down to the ground. There are lots of the blocks close by that are being subdivided and that doesn't sit well with me. I'm going to sound like an old lady here but I think families these days are doing their children out of the one thing they need.
Space to run around - thats what we have in our backyard. A quarter acre block with some flower and veg garden but also some grass for games.
Can you see the two trees we had lopped - well, even tho they look rather weird at the moment and it might take a while before there is a canopy at the top I can see they are starting to shoot at the sides again so there is life in the old dears after all lol
The arch at the side of the house with the little windy path leading up to it never got the rose it was waiting for - we decided it wasn't strong enough so planted a Buddleia that gets chopped back in Winter and then grows through the arch in summer.
The front of the house faces west which means that left hand fence is north facing (our hot side) so the shrubs on the left hand fence are all deciduous Spring flowering - Flowering Japonica, Weigelia and Forsythia. 'Cose the sun is lower in Winter having the bare branches means we get some light and warmth in the bedroom window and then later the lovely flowers to look at as well.
Those two large front windows have canvas blinds that help to keep the rooms cool when the hot Summer sun arrives sometimes before but usually after Christmas.

As well as some roses I have planted a lovely iris type plant called Sysirinchium Striata. I got a few pieces from a friend about six years ago and after dividing I now have it all over the place. Shouldn't speak too soon but nothing seems to kill it.
Can get a bit bedraggled as the old leaves die off during winter and nice geen ones shoot up in spring. I often just tip veggie water or even bath water over it (remember our water restrictions) and just go round and give the old leaves a tug and it looks as good as gold.

Its shady down the side of the house most of the time so I haven't planted much - the idea is to keep it tidy and useable - to get from the front to the back safely and in one piece
This is just that - front going down under the arch to the back. I put mulch part way then the decking and then mulch again at the bottom.

And heres the view from back to front. Shows the decking and the old oil tank which is slowly getting covered on one side by a Plumbago and on the shady side by a tall growing Fuschia

Sometime those two mirrors are finally going to be attached to the fence so that they will give a nice side ways view to anyone looking out of that bedroom window. Not going to say how long they have been sitting on the ground - but if you look caarefully at the earlier photos you may just see them there lol

Click on the the photos to enlarge them


  1. I love it. It reminds me of the house we had before we came to live here, that we enjoyed very much.

  2. LOL your house looks more like an English bungalow (even many of the plants are ones I have in my own garden). Nothing like what i imagine Aussie houses to look like.

  3. HI Cathy,
    Lovely pix.
    Have a great wk.

  4. I like your funny little house as you called it, especially the big windows. Great yard too, gives me some ideas for my front yard. We also have a big backyard, not as big as yours, but good sized for kids & dog. It is long & deep with rocks, dirt, grass, a gravel pit for J to play in & a patios for sitting on. Enjoy your day!

  5. Hi Cathy

    Thanks for stopping by... likewise I will drop by your blog and browse your posts. Hope the cake works out.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. You've got a lovely real Australian garden! Beautiful! Thanks for showing! Thanks for your heartwarming words on my blog. The other day I saw a documentary about how to deal with death. Not so long ago it was considered to be "not done"and people who lost somebody were not allowed to speak about it. Now we discovered that talking is part of the mourning. We don't need to do it often but once a year is certainly not too much. The children and I often talk about the funny things we did and my husband said. That's nice and we have to laugh about it.

  7. Dead jealous, sat here on wet and windy Orkney - it was dark at 4pm.

    Every Aussie I know (mostly sportsmen) reckons the reason Australians are so good at sport (for a relatively small nation) is that they grow up in a great climate in loads of space, so if kids have less space, it's good news for the rest of us!

  8. Hi Cathy
    Your house could be in our neighbourhood except we dont have sun here (or even much daylight)!
    Looks lovely.

  9. great photos, it's always interesting to see where everyone lives and their gardens.

    Gill in Canada


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