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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The games we play

Thought I’d let you know I have a name change – from now on in a certain house I am known as The Grand Queen of Monopoly :)

I had a sleep over last night with Shannon and her brother and sister, they only live in the next street so I wasn’t worried about being too far from home and slept all night long lol

Not sure about Dh who was home alone and had to sleep all by himself with no one else in the house for company lol

Younger Dd asked me the other day if I would mind them whilst she and her husband went to Ballarat, which is just a 2-hour drive from here but as they hadn’t been on their own for a while could it be overnight.

At the moment Monopoly is the game of choice in their house so the box came with them Saturday morning and we had fun from the start. Lovely day so we used the table on the deck, I kept plying them with drinks, lollies (sweets) and choc biscuits like the good hostess I was:)

Took a 2 hour break to go and visit A Pam who was thrilled to see them – I had to sort of bribe them with the promise of a new book to read as they turned their nose up when I first suggested going to the nursing home – ‘Oh Grandma it will be full of really old people’ yet they ended up talking to one or two of them in the end – so once we were home it was back in earnest for the afternoon.

Out to dinner about 6pm at the Club Kilsyth where they were little angels pretending to be out at a large restaurants in the city and then it was home to their house for the night. We decided not to carry on as being tired means sometimes we don’t make good decisions (and tempers can get frayed as well) so they watched the movie Freaky Friday on TV.

About a girl and her mother who somehow found themselves in each others bodies and even tho’ the kids ‘sort of’ enjoyed it I would have to say its wasn’t one of Jamie Lee Curtis’s better films but it did pass the evening away. Trevor got fed up (girly movie) and wandered off to a bedroom to watch Spiderman 2.

They slept in late this morning ……………………(not used to 10.30pm bed) so Dd is going to pay (and ‘curse me) this evening for me letting them have a late night.

After breakfast out came the board again and it was on in earnest.

I had the best fun with them and I realised they were very trusting as when one got low on cash they would ‘lend’ some to that person to be paid back when the tables were turned – ‘no interest charged Grandma’.

I had to laugh when they told me to remember it’s just a game Grandma, Mum gets really angry if the board is tipped over

And yes, when we totalled all the sessions up I came out with more property and more cash then any of them – oh yes and its only a game and gloating’s not allowed LOL


  1. Hahaha! My girls would play Monopoly for hours on end when they were small and made a practice of loaning and giving money all around so the game would not end!
    I, on the other hand, liked to win!

  2. Should we address you "Your Majesty, Jewel in the Monopoly Crown"? - lol. Great post Cathy, sounds like fun was had by all. I think I have seen the Jamie Lee Curtis movie you mentioned.


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