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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - November 2008

Another month has gone by and here is how I passed A Day in My Life today November 14th 2008. Read here at Little jenny Wren's blog how others all over the world spent their day.

After two very hot days here in Melbourne it was lovely to hear the rain come down.
Started last evening and went on for most of the night – lots of rolling thunder and wind meant I had to close the windows over as the vertical blinds were making a racket blowing here there and everywhere.
Didn’t sleep too well and had very gritty eyes when I finally got out of bed at 7.20am. So glad I took the wool blanket off yesterday – even tho the cotton ones spent most of the night on the floor they were so much easier to pull up this morning.
Had breakfast, then a shower where I could have stayed forever but had to check emails before I went out the door to the volunteer centre about 9am.

A lot of rainy stories on the news………………….one poor rather strange chap was cleaning his gutters about 6.30am (not sure why, maybe full of leaves and they had overflowed during the night) and got hit by lightning. Poor Connex – the company that runs our local train system –are having a hard time at the moment with problems it would seem all last month – culminating in no trains at the end of Oaks Day. Well the train system was in array this morning ‘cose of rain and lightning strikes. Never rains but it pours for them lol

Have a laugh at this tho – I was sitting in the loo about 8am and saw a lightening flash and then there was this enormous (and I mean really really loud) bang right at the same time.
I jumped a mile – I could say I nearly............…….. myself but that’s not ladylike :)
The rain did clear up during the day and its quite cool out there now.

One of the volunteers brought in a cake for morning tea and we had several volunteers who hadn’t been for a while drop in about that time so a lot of the morning was spent catching up on goings on and latest news. Some days things are all go but today most of us were running on automatic and it was nice just to sit around and talk. Left about 1.30pm and the lack of sleep was just beginning to tell.

Coffee and a sandwich and something I’d not done for ages; I put my head down for a nana nap. Only for a short while but it was worth it as I felt refreshed and started sorting some more things I’d brought home from the centre.

Much of out baby clothes arrive in plastic bags and as we ‘work’ on a limited budget we tend not to throw anything away that may prove useful so plastic bags are just one of those things. Normally I can keep them in some sort of order, one size in another bag and so on but there are times when things get a bit untidy in the back room and a clear out is called for.

So today – don’t laugh – I brought home several large bags full of plastic bags (mainly the zip lock type) to be sized and placed in other ones so they are visible and readily accessible when needed. I was going to take a photo of the lovely clean lounge room floor all covered in piles of plastic bags but thought that a bit too much for you all to handle lol

Job done I decided on another coffee and a sit down. Dh was home from golf by that time so we chatted and then I nipped up the shop for a few bits I didn’t have the energy to pick up this morning. Light dinner this evening (poached eggs and a bit of salad) watched the ABC news and then came in here.
Not been a hectic day but I’ll be glad to get to bed this evening.
LIttle addition here - rereading yesterdays post and where I was cleaning windows, I made a little slip up in writing I used bleach in the water - what I should have said was I use a drop of vinegar and washing up detergent.


  1. I had the same problem with sleep last night. I had a little sleep in. We only had spots of rain around 3.30 and 5, big spots but no rain.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for stopping by my site! It's always nice to have new visitors... :)

    My photo was actually taken on a warm day - I think it was only about -9C or so. But I guess it's all relative. Ha ha!

  3. Hi Cathy

    It's going to be lovely and cool here today so I hope to get a few windows cleaned too.

    I am enjoying your blog and have given you an award. Drop by and collect it sometime.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. What dramatic sounding weather you had! But rain is so nice for a wee nap.

    Lovely that you stopped by my blog to say hello. Hope you enjoy your warmer temps :-)

  5. Hi Cathy,
    Had a quick look at your site.Hope to return as it looks very interesting . I've got to go now to feed the brute. Back later !


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