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Monday, November 17, 2008

And the winner is

A lot of the big shopping centres have had a slow down in sales recently and the one here in the eastern suburbs at Ringwood called Eastland is no exception.

Their very swanky glossy brochure was delivered last week – this one is advertising Christmassy things and many of the shops put out what I call teasers. A small number of shops advertise one product and hope the public will flock in to buy more.

There is lots of blurb about browsing the big department stores and the 230 speciality shops – not sure where they got that number from as I wouldn’t have thought it was that many – and as well as pushing Santa Photo times, Community Gift Wrapping times, Eastland Gift vouchers it also states the fact that there is loads of free car parking.

The brochure won’t be delivered out of the local area and anyone who is from the area and has shopped there is fully aware that there is oodles of parking and it has always been free. That’s why loads of Ringwood rail commuters park there lol

Anyway the slow down in sales had produced another incentive – Free Fuel from Santa.

The catch is……………………..you have to spend at least $250 in centre on Monday December 8th and then take proof of purchase to the Service Desk and while stocks last you’ll receive a Free $50 Fuel Card.

No indication of how many cards there might be - just while stocks last.

Somehow I think the winner here will be Eastland Shopping Centre


  1. I am never happy with the Christmas push... and think that some of the sales are really bogus. By the way did YOU qualify for a gas card? LOL

  2. HI cathy,
    Seems the stores are always the big winners huh?
    Hope you have a great wk.

  3. Gday Cathy,
    Theres a lot of people out there will spend that just to try get the petrol.card.
    So they spend $250. to save $50 Lol ..But if they didnt spend that theyre saved $250 .So Eastland wins.. By the way we get brochure's as far away as Benalla,Wangaratta and Albury.

  4. Years ago my mil went to buy a pair of black boots. She came home with a pair of black and a pair of white from a more expensive brand. Puzzled I asked why and it was because they were a BARGAIN - buy the black and get the white for half price. I knew I would waste my breath trying to explain that as she neither wanted or would wear the white ones how could it be a bargain.

  5. Hi. I have tagged you for a book meme, I hope you don't mind. I saw that you like books, and I need to read your posts about books, sounds interesting.

  6. Hi Cathy, I just stopped in to say that I had not heard from you in ages. Hope that you are having a lovely weekend. I also stopped in to get a link for your blog so I can follow it daily. Merry Christmas! M


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