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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Since we got home I have been finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things. I just drop everything and have taken that many breaks during the day it’s a wonder anything has been done at all.

Hopefully next week will be a bit better and I’ll get back into the general routine of life as it was before.

We have had some rather nice weather these past few days, which meant I spent a lot of the time outside – not just gazing into space but doing fruitful jobs. Or least I hope they will be

This patch of ground at the bottom of the garden has evolved slowly over the past few years. From a wholly grassed back garden - that way 'cose both of us were working full time and it was easier just to mow than tend to 'flowers' - to a 'pretty' garden has taken a while mainly because of the water shortage and lack of finances :(

The first photo was taken in October 2003, then October 2004 and the last in December 2006 so it has filled out slowly. October is Spring and December is summer so you can see how the grass suffered from the years when there was no rain at all. We were lucky with rain this Winter - we actually had some, so its green at the moment but that will most likely change once the hot dry days of summer arrive.

Of course its not helped by the fact I keep changing my mind as to what I actually want to grow there. Its now filled with roses and looks reasonable but a couple of roses turned up their toes last Summer so they were taken out when I pruned earlier in the year which gave me a bit of a hole in the middle of that bed.
Well I’ve decided not to replace them but use that space for veggies.
Yes I know its right in the middle but I'm hoping tomatoes will grow there and as there are plants at the front they won't be quite so noticeable.
So I've sort of marked out the area with some old pieces of fencing and spread in some old chook manure and also some of that horse poo that I was given and dug it all over. I'll put some tomatoes in there about Cup Day ( first Tuesday in November) and with a bit of luck they'll like it there and grow like topsy and give me lots of fruit.


  1. popped in to say hi, glad you had a good time when you were away. I know how you feel about getting back into a routine after being away.........


  2. Hi Cathy,
    After such a nice time away its hard to get a routine going again. You'll do it I know.
    My sweet husband has enjoyed his new job these first few days although the travel is hard. He has to go 108 miles round tip everyday until he gets his training and then it should be less!
    There are so few jobs to be had around here that we are thankful for this one.
    Cheers. Jan

  3. Thank you for your kind comment. It's always good to meet people who have seen the same things and had the same experiences. Victoria must have a much nicer climate than Queensland in summer. I cannot stand the heat. I used to live in Indonesia as a child and was always ill before the wet season and after. One can fight the cold, but one is absolutely helpless against the heat. I think my daughter is used to it now. I know Australian people who come to Cooktown in your winter and go back to the south in summer.


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