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Friday, September 26, 2008

One of our days out

This particular day DH wasn't happy 'cose the aircraft museum he had planned to visit was closed so we had a change of plan and he soon got into the swing of things when this little one came over to say hello :)

This funny looking fellow is a Rock Wallaby and lives near Mareeba in Far North Queensland

Going out from Cairns beyond Mareeba where coffee is grown there is a place called Granite Gorge Nature Park where you can walk about and climb the enormous huge granite boulders that just seem to be strewn all around the place. DH and I spent the best part of an afternoon there. Part of the fun is being able to hand feed some 'wild' rock wallabies.

'Granite Gorge, a privately operated nature park on the outskirts of Mareeba. Here the endangered Mareeba Rock Wallaby stages its last stand; it maintains a strong foothold at Granite Gorge where they congregate each afternoon to be fed, stroked, caressed and photographed by the daily throng of visitors. The mammoth strange shaped granite boulders of the gorge offers grand opportunities to explore the valley below. Picnic sites, natural swimming holes and overnight camping are all available at the gorge'

Click on the link to find out more about the park, also on the photos to enlarge them

Just one of our days out that I enjoyed.


  1. Now how many people can say they have fed a wallaby? I don't know of any. that is really neat!

  2. Hi Cathy, remember me? Its Cheryl! My weight is terrible, I got sick and spent 7 weeks in hospital at the beginning of the year and lost all motivation to diet and really packed on the kilos ... so I am starting again really though I haven't got up to my previous high weight ... Anyway, I found your blog again through a comment you left on my food obsession blog at foodobsession.wordpress.com God bless Cheryl

  3. Hi Cathy,
    It was great to have you visit today:o)
    Enjoyed this post and todays!
    have a great wk.


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