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Friday, September 19, 2008

Home again

Yes I'm home again. Weary after driving nearly 3oookms/1865 miles in 3 days but looking forward to Spring.

Its just a memory now but we had the best fun for a long time.

Just doing nothing.

For nearly 4 weeks I did just what I'm doing in the picture below. It snowed at home (quite a rarity where I live) and here I was enjoying 27c/81f

Walking on the beach at Bowen North Qld. - enjoying the fact that apart from dh and me (and the person behind us) there was no one else to be seen along the whole shoreline.

This is what Dh and his friend did on most of those mornings.

They reckoned they could take on Tiger Woods any day lol

The golf course was at the end of the van park and the beach right there also.

During the first week away we went to see the grand-daughter who lives in Brisbane - and what do Grandmas do with grandchildren - they teach life skills.
This little one can't knit and her mother doesn't either so as there was wool and needles in the car we did a little bonding in the park close to her home.
I don't when we will see each other again so I treasured every moment that day.
We went to other places and I'll talk about those another day. Will be back soon
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  1. I just had a feeling you were back home. I know you had a lovely time. Teaching the granddaughter to knit....now that is something great. I wish I had a granddaughter. I have been tempted to teach my grandson, but my son-in-law- would dis own me.
    I will be back to read more about your trip.

  2. Hi Cathy
    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Lovely photos. We have missed you.
    Best WIshes

  3. How lovely to see you back Cathy. Welcome home and I enjoyed your post today. So happy you had a great time, and how lovely to see you sitting there with your granddaughter. I shall be back for another visit as I am looking forward to seeing what other things you post, when you have the time that is.

  4. Hi Cathy, me again. I have received an award that I would like to pass on to you. It's on my blog for you to pick up if you accept.

  5. Welcome home. Welcome home! I love your walk on the beach. Alone. It is one of my favorite things to do. Its like that up here and I don't get there often enough.
    I envy you your arriving Spring. Our growing season is over and we are getting ready to hunker down for the winter!

  6. Hi Cathy,
    Welcome back!
    Sounds like a lovely trip!
    Hope you have a greatwk.end!

  7. Home sweet home! Autumn begins Monday here in the states.


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