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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend doings

With all the terrible things going on in the world, radio and print news headlines are often graphic and morbid. My faith in the way we look at things sometimes here in Australia has been renewed.

These are overseas papers but ours are the same

Roger Federer loses his Wimbledon crown to Rafael Nadal!! I fell asleep and didn’t watch the match. Boo Hoo my loss as they are saying it was the best final for many a year.

Nicole Kidman gives birth to a lovely girl and her name is Sunday!! I suppose babies have been called Tuesday in the past so maybe it’s not that bad a name

And this morning’s beauty - It’s snowing in and around Melbourne. I believe it as after a weekend of brisk cold but dry weather today is really cold here and its been raining. The sky is very cloudy and grey and at lunchtime still looks as if it’s full of cold rain. .

I realise now why I have been feeling off, blaming the weather has been a cop out – I should have ignored the climate and just got on with life. Being outside on Saturday and Sunday wrapped up warmly and doing what I enjoy was just what I needed and at the end of the day I really felt good

This past summer was so hot and dry I’m ashamed to say that for the first time in years I did very little in the garden ‘cept water the green beans and the tomatoes I grew and then returned to the shade bemoaning the state of things (heat and lack of rain) and my inability to do anything about it. Even tho’ I knew it had to be done so we could use every drop we drew from the tap bucketing shower water and the odd bath load got on my nerves. It was easier to use it on the plants closest to the front door and that’s who benefited the most.

When the water restrictions were upped and the times reduced I was annoyed – why did we have to be outside by 6am to start watering yet my neighbour a year older than dh could wait till a couple of hours later. Over 70s have that exemption – the government didn’t want them falling over in the dark.

Now with the miserable weather we have had so far this winter I still couldn’t bolster up the enthusiasm to tidy up the garden so I’m glad I took the time to get outside over the past weekend and give the roses their winter haircut as well as dig around in the dirt.

After pruning, turning the soil and weeding underneath all the 30 odd bushes I then set to watering in some diluted worm pee and also dug in some of that horse poo and the coffee grounds I get given. As it’s all nice and loose and weed free now I’ll allow more rain (hopefully we’ll get some) to soak in before I mulch. The mulching will have to be done before we go away to help contain the moisture in the soil in case it’s dry while we are away during August and September. I need to spray with Seasol too but that’s going to have to wait till another dry day.

Tell you what tho’ yesterday I was walking around like an ‘old woman’ stiff in the hands from using the secateurs and stiff in the back from crouching. The comfrey cream worked a treat on the hands and a nice hot bath with washing soda helped the muscles in the back.

Today sitting here in front of the fire I feel like a new woman - well a warm one at least :))


  1. Cathy, you could be over here with the high heat and humidity.....40oC today!!!

  2. It is so warm here where I am in Victoria today I feel so much better. DH tidied up the garden and we had rain this morning so everything is pretty.

    I didn't know that about the over 70s. Will tell dh, he will find it interesting.


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