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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tidy up day

The weather has been freezing and today has been no exception so it was 'do things round the house where it's warm' time. Yes it’s been a clear up and tidy day today as I’ve been trying to sort out some loose ends before we take off next week.

But first thing I had to sort out the book that's been waiting in the bedroom for something ot happen. It's been waiting to be returned to Kmart for a few weeks now – turns out DGd I got it for had already read it and as they are good at refunds I had that on my list of to do’s. Note to anyone returning things to Kmart in Australia – Kmart used to be good at refunds; they now have a 28 day policy.

Seems they changed things back on May 1st so I couldn’t get a refund or even an exchange voucher, as it was more than 28 days since I bought it.

Time goes by quickly in my house and I forget things easily so it looks like I’ll have to watch that from now on. Its not very often I have to go back with a return but I certainly don’t want to have various things hanging around that don’t fit the bill 'cose I forgot how long they'd been at home.

I then cleared out of some blogs I have listed at Bloglines. I have some favourite blogs listed there and I check them daily. I’m sure lots of you know that Bloglines is a feed reader and will supply you (the subscriber) with updated posts of your listed blogs. Saves you clicking from blog to blog trying to find out if the author has said anything new.

Feed readers must be the talking point of the blog world at the moment as all these blogs - Simple Mom, Lightening at her blogworld and Move to Portugal - have posts on that topic today. Each of them explains all the in and outs and also the way time can be saved by using them.

I’m curious by nature, I’m a sucker for wanting to know what others are up to and like to know what other blogs people read (call me nosy if you want lol) so some days I spend a lot of time here on the computer going from blog to blog on blogrolls reading one after the other. So what I do if I find a likable blog is to subscribe to it at Bloglines, read for a while, then decide whether to follow it all the time or whether I not really interested and delete it.

I asked someone the other day how they generated so much traffic to their blog and they said read as many as I could and comment.

I think that’s the bit I’ve been doing wrong.

My Mum used to say it was rude to stare and it wasn’t nice to be nosy so I tend to stand on the sidelines and take it all in without saying much. I do lots of reading but quietly without any fuss via Bloglines – I don’t comment a lot so nobody knows I’m there.

Maybe I’ll have to start talking lol


  1. As a child and still now, I used to love driving around at dusk when people had their lights on but hadn't shut their curtains. I always tried to imagine what kind of lives they were leading.
    Perhaps that's why we all like blogging so much, it lets us into those homes at a time convenient to us but without too many strings attached.
    I agree with you on leaving comments. It does help.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    I click on the atom thingo at the bottom and put blogs in google reader. I notice yours doesn't have one.

  3. Cathy,

    It was nice to have you drop by my blog. If you go back a way in my blog you will find references to my nieces, one has moved to your country, getting married and working as a lawyer, in Sydney.

    To generate traffic on your blog join a group that visits each other's blog weekly. You will find one at Wigger's World http://womtig.blogspot.com/ View the Friday Photo group. Better still, if you enjoy taking pictures, join.

    I write mine for my own amusement. It ranges from information on my life here to political rants. It is a rather eclectic collection of postings.

    All the best.

  4. I guess I'm just chitty-chatty. However I love reading about other people's countries etc.

    I love popping into your blog whenever I get a chance, as you are very refreshing, I like the way you write.


  5. I agree Cathy, your blog is very enjoyable and I have started popping in regularly. I started my blog for my own enjoyment and also for my family and friends. It was only afterwards that I learned what fun it was to read others blogs, and to meet people from all over the globe. I am late to the blogging world but am thoroughly enjoying it.

  6. Hi Cathy,
    I am sorry it is getting cold there. Here it is midsummer and only goes to 59degrees at night. The humidity is still with us. You are on my daily read list and I enjoy hearing about your life immensely.
    Cheers. Jan


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