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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Revisiting the challenge

I don't know if many remember but earlier in the year (January 2008) Rhonda at Down to Earth encouraged us to look at our use of various items as she herself had a self imposed challenge she was going to undertake. You can read bout it here her here
Well I thought about it and if you check here will see what I intended to limit my use of. That doesn't sound like good English but I aimed to not use various items or at least to cut out their use as much as possible.
So how have I gone in this past 6 months - well on the whole not too bad.
I think I've done well with the plastic bags. I like lots of others have green bags from the supermarket - they identify you as a shopper of certain supermarkets so once I had a few I came to my senses and stopped buying them.
I then started making cotton ones myself and I also found some neat ones here and there in op-shops and the Reject shop had some that zipped up on themselves into a tiny envelope which was good for inside another bag. I gave a lot of those away as gifts to get the message around friends and family.
Still have that problem of leaving them in the car sometimes so they came out of the boot and now sit on the floor behind the driver's seat where I can see them - I have to physically lock the car door and there they are in full view :)
If I forget and its only a few items, after telling the check out girl why they get carried out to the car in my arms.
Last week I found a great big calico one for 50c that looks like it was given away sometime by Maroondah Council - the 'art work' on it was from Kalinda Primary School and theres also the information it was the winner of the 2002 calico bag competition. See this school of thought (pun I know) on using other bags than plastic has been going for more years than we realise.
I haven't bought any paper tissues since then - used all the stock I had and am now using the handkerchiefs. This hasn't been too much of a hassle, lots of time they haven't been ironed but smoothed and put on the bottom of the pile, mind you nobody has had a cold so theres been minimal use lol
Time will tell with this one especially when we are away travelling for those 6 weeks and I certainly don't want to have to wash hankies in motels or caravan parks. As much as it will hurt I might just have to buy one box to have in the car with us.
Best of all I haven't bought any bottled water since the day I wrote that blog entry.
Our water has been drawn from the tap, cooled and then put in a flask or the pump pot and taken with us in the car. I still use the bottle I bought if I'm out shopping by myself but we are looking for different water bottles to take away though and I'll be scouring the shops for something that isn't plastic.


  1. You are so way ahead of me. I have the bags and forget them no matter where I place them

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I am doing pretty well with mine.
    I am still using somethings up and will not replace. Thanks for brining to our attention again:o)
    Good Luck!

  3. Yay Cathy! I'm so pleased you're off the plastic bags and the green bags. You're doing much better than I am with tissues. My husband refuses to give up on them but we have cut our usage back a lot. We only use them now for our noses and not to clean up spills.

    I haven't been as good as I should be with the cigarette butts either. I put out containers for them at work but I saw one of them was full the other day and didn't empty it. By now it will be full of rainwater. Thanks for reminding me to do better.

  4. Wow... good job Cathy. I haven't joined that challenge but did give up paper towels about six months ago. I, too, have cloth bags but still forget them in the car :( I need to figure out how to remember them.
    I am back from yet another pulmonary test, meds upped again. Hope this wokrs as I am looking for more energy!
    Your Maine friend, Jan

  5. Well done, I have to say I try and use my cloth bags all the time, and I have made my own produce bags, all are small steps but in the right direction.

    Well done Cathy.


  6. It sounds like you are doing really well with your resolutions. I often wonder how people go with these web challenges.



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