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Friday, July 4, 2008

My way to cure the blues

Feeling fed up last night (Thursday) I did what is almost the unthinkable here and I had a bath. Almost unheard of here 'cose of the water situation and the need to conserve what we have.

A big bath of hot water – almost to the top – the warning beep on the hot water system told me I’d reached what it considered to be the most I could get in the bath – so I lay back and relaxed for at least an hour and listened to the radio.

Derek Guille is on 774 (the old 3LO) during the evening and as well as some informative segments he also has some fun ones as well. Last night he had what was called a Dad’s segment, all those Ugh things Dads are famous for.

Dad: Have you had enough to eat?
Child: I’m full
Dad: Hello Master Full, do you want some more dinner?

Dad’s jokes

What do you call the cemetery

The dead centre of town
The place everyone's dying to get into

What do you call a man in a raincoat?
What do you call a man in two raincoats?
What do you call a man in two raincoats walking past a cemetery?
Max Bygraves an old English singer

Corny jokes

An Irishman goes into a pub and asks for 3 pints of Guinness and then drinks them one after the other.
The bartender suggests he buys them separately and drinks them slowly.
No, say the man, there not all mine.
One is for my brother in Australia and the other’s for my brother in Canada.
He comes in for months and goes through the same thing – downs 3 Guinness one after the other.
Then one night he only orders 2.
The barman thinks ‘Oh dear, something has happened to one of the brothers’ and goes over to offer his condolences.
Oh there’s nothing wrong says the Irishman.

It’s just that I’ve given up the drink but my brothers haven’t!!

Boom Boom !!!

Later after 10pm Nightlife with Tony Delroy had Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on, great to listen to and always really informative in a fun way.

He wanted to know why when you are making tea with a tea bag and you put the hot water in the cup and then the tea bag, the tea bag sinks but when the tea bag is in the cup and the hot water poured onto it the tea bag rises

Anyone out there have the answer I have no idea - I dropped off to sleep before I heard any talk back.


  1. Love the jokes, thanks for sharing.Sounds like your bath was a success.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    A bath? What's that? lol Glad to hear you enjoy it. :-) Hmm interesting about the tea bag...I have no idea why that happens.


  3. Cathy, those are my sort of jokes, corny and clean.

    I very rarely have a bath even though we have a bath with the jets in it. Its takes a full tank of water (50 gallons) to fill it, so drains the tank of hot water.

    As an avid tea drinker you would think I would have the answer to the tea bag question.........but guess what..I have no idea,


  4. Nothing like a good bath, a cup a by candle like !A sure destresser!
    Have agreat day!


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