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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing part

I'm not sure what happened there but this half didn't get published.

We were going to leave it a few years till the next trip but there were weddings, anniversaries and reunions we wanted to attend so after a couple of years at home saving furuiously we fly off again in 2006.

The idea was to spend a lovely July in England catching up with more of Dh’s air force friends, visiting lots of friends and family and in particular some of Dh’s older relatives and doing the family history tour. We spent some time going round cemeteries looking for ancestors and spent more time in queues at Births, Deaths and Marriages waiting for various certificates to be supplied.

Apart from the terrible traffic we encountered each time we went on to the main motorways provong that the standard of driving was almost a rock bottom in England nothing out of the ordinary happened until August 10th.

That was the day we were due to fly once more cross the Atlantic to Halifax, and guess what happened on that day?

Heathrow had a terrorist alert and its bedlam - that was the day when the liquid bomb plot was foiled.

After waiting in several of the longest queues I’ve ever seen with no idea of what was happening 'cept there had been some sort of bomb threat we finally get airside with only our passport and travel documents as everything else had to go in the hold.

Family waiting to pick us up from the aiport had no idea what was happening, they knew there was a problem in London but not how big it was so were happy to see our plane land. We were some of the lucky ones as our Air Canada flight was only delayed by 3 hours but after that most of Europe came to a standstill for days on end.

I began to wonder about the merits of air travel but as it’s the easiest way to get from one end of the world to other cursed the lot of them as I walked very quietly onto the aircraft. Then when we landed there was no hanging around waiting for people to get their things from the overhead lockers. We were off the plane in no time - there was nothing in there as we had to put it all in the hold lol

The day after we arrived we went to a wedding in a field on a cliff top and froze. Another double wedding – it was so casual I swear a lot of the ‘ younger guests’ had just left their back yards and come as they were lol

After that it seemed like 4 weddings and a funeral but in reverse. There were 3 deaths within a couple of weeks of each other.

One of the reasons for this trip was see a lovely lady who was in her 100th year. She was quite ok living in a nursing home but we’d been up to visit her one day and when we got home a phone call tells us her son in his early 70’ that we’d just left had just had a heart attack and died.

Then we heard that two other relatives that we’d just seen in England died. The lady didn’t make her 100 in the November but passed away soon after we left. Seemed like we were a jinx lol

We did lots of new things that trip, one of them was going to Anne of Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island and we also drove the Cabot Trail all the way round this time with my ‘email’ friend.

The 3 lovely weeks we spent in the Annapolis Valley were over in a flash and then we flew over to Vancouver for an Alaskan Cruise. Had been saving for this treat for a few years and it was fabulous, had lots of very late nights and ate far too much of the freely available food. Back home to Melbourne and it was non-stop into the rush of Christmas preparations.

So this year we are staying in Oz and deciding on things on the spur of the moment. Well there are a few times we have to be in certain places like first of all babysitting in Sydney before we actually start travelling (everyone loves their Mum and what she can do for them)

We are meeting up with friends Bowen and also in Cairns and apart from that its only me and Dh, 4 wheels and the open road. I have been warned that its to be a restful holiday so theres no laptop either :((

It funny but I just can't get away from the Dh's airforce life all those years ago as both of these friends are from his time in the RAF. The one in Cairns stood behind him in the line the day they joined up - his old service number is the one after Dh's lol

Friends Reunited as well as Forces Reunited has done that to so many people - reunited them after many many years.


  1. Oh my! What adventures you have been on. You could write a book about your travels. Have a wonderful, restful trip visiting friends & relaxing.

  2. I love your vacations.........hopefully you will have as good a time as you had in prior years. We go away mid-September so I may not "see" you again until October.

    Have a safe trip.


  3. HiCathy, I hope you've had a lovely break. I'm glad I'm not the only one not to post for a couple of months. Look forward to hearing about the last couple of months!


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