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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - July 2008

Guess what – it’s the 14th of the month and we know what happens on that day don’t we lol
Yes its time for Little Jenny Wren’s Day in My Life get together.

There are people all over the world recording what they did and how they felt on this day. Pop over here and see what all the others got up to.

DH had been restless during the night so I’d lay there thinking ‘Do I Don’ I ‘ for what deemed like hours before I decided at 4am ‘Yes I did’ and pottered into the toilet and back again hoping he wasn’t going to start snoring again and I’d be able to drop off quickly.

Not to be and it was a cranky me that woke at 7.15 and discovered it was a glorious day outside.

Listened to Red on 77.4 for a bit, laughed at his thoughts on why the Pope was wearing red shoes when he got off the plane in Sydney yesterday – here for World Youth Day that’s running all next week. From all the talk about the amount of road traffic (cars and buses) on its way there I’m glad I’m not travelling to NSW at the moment.

Lovely story on the news – but not for those involved - about a little 2yr old boy that got his finger trapped in the plughole in the bath. Needed all sorts of people to free him – not just the fire brigade but also other associated trades. Seems they have almost demolished the family’s bathroom so they could get him and the plughole to the hospital where it was sawn off.

Anyway as I said there were lovely clear skies and beautiful sunshine outside so I finally stumbled out of bed at 8.30 am. Found another load of washing so that the promise of a drying day wouldn’t go to waste and after feeding the cats I ate my breakfast in front of the computer.

Checked mail and some blogs and decided I was going to make this an easy day as I didn’t feel like extending any extra energy in anyone else’s direction.

Sounds a bit selfish but if Catherine’s tired she doesn’t do the love the neighbour very well at all lol

Which was a bit of a shame for the cold call telemarketer from some energy company who happened to have me answering the phone about 10am. Sad thing for this woman was I recognised her voice from the other day when I told her we were very happy with the supplier we had, the rates we had and we certainly were getting all the discounts that were entitled to.

This time, when she asked if I was the person responsible for paying the account, after getting over the shock of the question and telling her it was none of her business I then let rip and she didn’t know what hit her.

Told you Catherine’s not ‘nice’ when she’s tired lol

Yesterday (Sunday) had been dry but so very cold and with monstrous winds so I had taken advantage of that and as you never know when the weather here is going to change I managed to get lots of thick things as well as towels and bed linen dry but last night they had landed up on the couch so to clear my head I folded those loads of washing and put them away.

You know how one thing leads to another – I then spent ages in the bedroom tidying drawers and rearranging my wardrobe. Time well spent, as it looks good again and I’ll be able to pick out clothes to take away in a couple of weeks time.

After coffee and following on from the thought of travelling I sorted some yarn to take away with me. I like to knit in the car and there’ll be plenty of miles travelled on the highway this time so when I’m not driving I’ll have something available to do.

A friend of mine gave me a cardigan she’d knitted in cotton and never worn so I’m unpicking it and will use the cotton to knit dishcloths – remember – reduce, reuse, recycle. This is brand new cotton so it isn’t as if it’s second hand and also is a lovely rosy pink colour, which will be quite cheery in its new role.

Having all my stash out allowed me to see all the little leftover bits I used to use for Fair Isle knitting. I haven’t done any recently so decided to bag them all up to take to the op shop, hopefully someone will love them. To make it easier for them to choose I put coordinating colours in each little bag :)

As you know I have been trying to get as much exercise as I can recently, rejoined the leisure centre and have aimed for at least 3 visits a week to the gym and also to get to classes so seeing those clear blue skies this morning I got back into the walking mode and revisited some of the local suburban streets close by .
Noticed lots of bulbs and some Spring blossoms out but my favourite would have to be the Wattle trees that are starting to bloom. Lovely yellows balls of fluff; to me even tho they seem to bloom in winter they make it feel like spring.

Lunch was home made pumpkin soup with some chocolate for afters. DH must have hidden that well as I thought we’d finished the bar he bought last week. Isn’t he a darling? Ignored my bad mood and made me feel special – works every time lol

I had a slow afternoon where I read and made up a birthday parcel for a special granddaughter who lives in Brisbane. Much to my dismay her father (one of our sons) who lives in Sydney has little to do with her (new wife and sons take all his time) and like so many broken relationships it seems problems with her Mother and maintenance monies are an issue – so she and I keep in touch via Messenger and hopefully I’ll get to say Hello when we make our way up north in a few weeks time.

This is what I spent most of the afternoon reading

My chapter had its Christmas in July lunch last Friday and I won the raffle.
A very coverted prize it was - nearly lost a few times when I put it down on the table :))
Had an early 5.15pm date at the Leisure Centre for a body pump class - how I hate lunges. The more I do them the more they hurt:((
Still broad daylight at 5 pm, passed the outdoor tennis classes that have begun again now school holidays are over and had fun watching all the littlies (aged 7 -10) in their gymnastics class on the basketball court before my class began. Wonder how many champions in the making I saw there?
Dh had cooked a light dinner of fish and steamed veg while I was out and as theres not a lot to watch on tv tonight and no knitting on the go here we are telling you all about my day. Not a massively busy one, get a bit cranky when I'm tired and it takes a little while to snap out of it. The walk helped and hopefully I'll get a few more in before the weather changes again.


  1. I hate telemarketers, especially those who after you say no just keep on trying to sell you things....I don't know.

    Anyhow, you sound as though you had a perfect day.

    I answered your question on my blog, as its a bit of a long answer.

    I am now going to be without the internet (boo hoo) for the rest of the morning, so I am not ignoring you if you have any more questions, its because I have no internet.

    Gill ;0)

  2. Ejoyed the post!
    We have our phone # on do not call list, some still gets a call in, I ask if I can have their hOme Phone #? Of course its always I can't give that info out, I ask why do think I'd want a call when I'm on a do not call list? That gets rid of them fast.
    Hope you have a restful night.:o)

  3. Hello Cathy,
    Good to read about your day.
    Interesting to learn tactics for dealing with those nuisance telemarketer calls!
    Do you actually wear a red hat?

  4. Hi Cathy,
    I sure do know about tired and cranky. And I don't have to be either to 'let it rip' at the pesky telemarketers! Sound like you had an easy day and didn't overdo. Good for you. Jan

  5. I eat breakfast in front of the computer, too! Thanks for sharing your day. I posted my day, too.



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