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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bargains here there and everywhere

It’s been a week that seems to have been filled with hurrying days if that makes sense to anyone. I seemed to have been running around trying to get things finished sooner than I started them.

After I put the washing machine on the other day it started to rain so instead of line drying the clothes they had to be put on the clotheshorse or on coat hangers that are hung on the wood surround of the laundry door. The laundry is not a walk through room so there’s not a lot of traffic in and out of the door, which by the way isn’t even there.

We removed it years ago as it opened inwards and there was wasted space behind it – this way we can just walk in and out without the door being in the way – so the shirts and other things can hang there and dry overnight without being seen or in the way.

Well as I was saying the rain meant I had to take a lot more time and effort to hang the clothes indoors before I went out and I was rushing and tripped over the old clothes horse and then one of the coat hangers got caught in my shirt and so it went on.

The hangers I use for this job are those old wire drycleaners type that seem to reproduce overnight all by themselves - when we had the wardrobe refitted the other month I treated us to new coat hangers (best thing I ever did in there) as its stayed wonderfully tidy - so after ditching a lot (well I actually gave them to an op shop to use) the remainder had a new job. They are handy but if you aren't careful the hanger piece will catch in things - like the front of the shirt I was wearing:(

My aunt had a fall in her unit the other day and the ambulance came out and that meant I have been here there and everywhere taking her to Dr’s appointments to be ‘checked out’, I had to miss some time I’d planned at the gym and stupidly was annoyed at that – if she’d only use her wheeled walker she’d be lot better on her feet – she is an absolute darling but can you tell I’m not too happy with her this week :(

Anyway I did a bit of retail therapy that seemed to sooth the cluttered mind

Apart from food shopping I haven’t done much spending at all recently, so when my 20 year old food processor died a death last weekend and I found out the Good Guys had an End of Financial Year Stocktake Sale on I assured myself it was alright to spend some of the Seniors Bonus the Federal government had given us last month.

I gave DH the choice of coming along or sitting by the fire reading and he chose the latter so I tootled off by myself down to Bayswater Road to see what I could find. You can tell I haven’t done any white goods or electrical shopping for quite a few years as I just walked round and round in amazement looking at all the things one can buy nowadays. Just kidding but who would want a coffee machine that costs over $1000. Someone obviously as there were a couple of them walking out the door while I was there lol

Contrary to the opinions held in my household that Mum doesn’t like cooking I do use my processor – for all sorts of things (one of the most recent uses being munching up all the peelings for the worms) so in the end I chose a Kenwood Multipro that does all the same things as my old General Electric one and also has a blender. Juicer we have at home – Blender not but now we do :)

Now I’m sure all of you will find this next part interesting;
I was approached by one salesman who found what he said was ‘the best price available’ so I said thank you I want to look at other brands I’ll come back to you. Later after checking all the other things on the floor I couldn’t find him so when another salesman spoke to me I asked the same question and was flabbergasted when he quoted me $20 less.

So from a list price of over $200, to a sale price of $185, to 1st best available $170 and then to the price paid of $150 I began to wonder what they actually pay for the goods from the wholesaler to be able to drop that much for a sale.

Yesterday I popped into a local op shop/thrift shop and found these books to take away to read in the car while we are travelling next month. Bargain bin prices of 50c each :))

I have read some Jacqueline Mitchard and enjoyed them so hope this one is ok.

This one is called The Cruise and has been written by several authors -

- a bit like the games we play on fun nights at home, one author wrote the first chapter and it was passed on to another so each of them followed on and did a chapter which I think is a novel (sorry about that) idea and it was sold to aid the Dyslexia Institute in England. Its about a murder on a cruise ship and Ken Follett wrote the last chapter tieing up all the loose ends. I wonder if all the different styles will be apparent?

And lastly this one is for fun.

Seems debutante Violet Harcourt has subversive looks - her vitality and sensuality have a powerful effect in men - she meets a handsome Australian .......................and then realises how innocent she is.

Bye for now, will talk again another day


  1. girl you sure have been busy! Hope the weekend finds you relaxing by your fire reading.

  2. hello, I was wondering if you knew about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'


    there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

    regards, Amelia


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