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Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby its cold outside

I think its agreed its has been very cold overnight here in Melbourne and out East these past few nights (going down to 1c/32f in my garden) but from those early morning shocks the days have developed into glorious dry sunny ones perfect for drying washing. I call them Desert Days as we often see the forecast for Central Australia as 0c/32f going up to about 20c/68f during the day and that’s what’s been happening.

Granted it didn’t get to 20c but does 15c/59f count?? lol

After one of those cold starts yesterday Dh and I took a drive – to the beach.

Whoa I hear you say, that’s not exactly beach weather.

There’s a new Freeway (Eastlink) that’s just opened close to where we live; its actually being called a Motorway and it links some of the other Freeways that run into Melbourne. Much to the disgust of most people its actually going to be a tollway.

It actually opened to traffic about a month ago and has been free of charge for that time, tolls start being collected this Sunday. So if you don't have an etag or pass you will be charged/fined at a later date with other additional charges as well.

Its being used quite heavily already but that could be with people like us - nothing to do and all day to do it in - who are using it for the heck of it - or as tourists seeing whats going on in our city - having a day out going from Ringwood to Frankston 'cose its free and to find out if it actually will save time.

Anyway we thought we'd take a drive to Frankston and then carry on down the Mornington Peninsular to a golf course at Cape Schank. Part of the reason for driving down there was that Dh and some of his golfing cronies are maybe going down there for the day and we went as a scouting party to find out how long the drive was and if it was worth taking the new road or whether they should just use the old route instead.

The drive brought back memories of going down that way along Moorooduc Road to the beach at Rosebud or Macrae when the kids were young. I marvel at the fact we drove for an hour and a half in a car with no airconditioning in sweltering heat and then at the end of the day turned around and did the same journey home.

There were no grumbles, we'd stop on the way home when we got off the Frankston Road at Dandenong and they were able to have an ice cream at the milk bar and that would see them all the way up Stud Road to home.

Yes it was a faster run than the old way but not as scenic. - we went from home to Frankston and on down the coast in just over an hour, drove round the area to see what had changed and then into the resort so dh could look at the golf course and talk to the Pro.

Came in out of the bitterly cold wind (only drawback of living down there is the wind) and sat by a roaring fire in the reception area with a hot chocolate and then drove home again in the afternoon traffic.

But you know, what matters to me - shorter versus scenic - may not matter so much to 4 older men intent on getting from A to B and that seems to be what all men are interested in isn't it.

But whatever we had a lovely drive and I got some knitting done lol


  1. We're having a cold spell here in central west NSW too. However, the sun shines and makes one feel good to be alive! Your long drive sounded lovely.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    We're in the middle of summer here(U.S.) I love cool weather, Not cold just cool. Not picky lol
    Hope you have a great day!
    Stay warm!

  3. Good morning Cathy, for me hot chocolate is the only way to go in cold weather. Always interesting to me that in your part of the world you are in your winter when we are sweltering. Whenever we go for our drives on the weekend, we always go the longer scenic way heading out, but at the end of it we take the freeway home, unless there's loads of traffic, then we stay on our country road. Have a great day and stay warm :))))


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