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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing part

I'm not sure what happened there but this half didn't get published.

We were going to leave it a few years till the next trip but there were weddings, anniversaries and reunions we wanted to attend so after a couple of years at home saving furuiously we fly off again in 2006.

The idea was to spend a lovely July in England catching up with more of Dh’s air force friends, visiting lots of friends and family and in particular some of Dh’s older relatives and doing the family history tour. We spent some time going round cemeteries looking for ancestors and spent more time in queues at Births, Deaths and Marriages waiting for various certificates to be supplied.

Apart from the terrible traffic we encountered each time we went on to the main motorways provong that the standard of driving was almost a rock bottom in England nothing out of the ordinary happened until August 10th.

That was the day we were due to fly once more cross the Atlantic to Halifax, and guess what happened on that day?

Heathrow had a terrorist alert and its bedlam - that was the day when the liquid bomb plot was foiled.

After waiting in several of the longest queues I’ve ever seen with no idea of what was happening 'cept there had been some sort of bomb threat we finally get airside with only our passport and travel documents as everything else had to go in the hold.

Family waiting to pick us up from the aiport had no idea what was happening, they knew there was a problem in London but not how big it was so were happy to see our plane land. We were some of the lucky ones as our Air Canada flight was only delayed by 3 hours but after that most of Europe came to a standstill for days on end.

I began to wonder about the merits of air travel but as it’s the easiest way to get from one end of the world to other cursed the lot of them as I walked very quietly onto the aircraft. Then when we landed there was no hanging around waiting for people to get their things from the overhead lockers. We were off the plane in no time - there was nothing in there as we had to put it all in the hold lol

The day after we arrived we went to a wedding in a field on a cliff top and froze. Another double wedding – it was so casual I swear a lot of the ‘ younger guests’ had just left their back yards and come as they were lol

After that it seemed like 4 weddings and a funeral but in reverse. There were 3 deaths within a couple of weeks of each other.

One of the reasons for this trip was see a lovely lady who was in her 100th year. She was quite ok living in a nursing home but we’d been up to visit her one day and when we got home a phone call tells us her son in his early 70’ that we’d just left had just had a heart attack and died.

Then we heard that two other relatives that we’d just seen in England died. The lady didn’t make her 100 in the November but passed away soon after we left. Seemed like we were a jinx lol

We did lots of new things that trip, one of them was going to Anne of Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island and we also drove the Cabot Trail all the way round this time with my ‘email’ friend.

The 3 lovely weeks we spent in the Annapolis Valley were over in a flash and then we flew over to Vancouver for an Alaskan Cruise. Had been saving for this treat for a few years and it was fabulous, had lots of very late nights and ate far too much of the freely available food. Back home to Melbourne and it was non-stop into the rush of Christmas preparations.

So this year we are staying in Oz and deciding on things on the spur of the moment. Well there are a few times we have to be in certain places like first of all babysitting in Sydney before we actually start travelling (everyone loves their Mum and what she can do for them)

We are meeting up with friends Bowen and also in Cairns and apart from that its only me and Dh, 4 wheels and the open road. I have been warned that its to be a restful holiday so theres no laptop either :((

It funny but I just can't get away from the Dh's airforce life all those years ago as both of these friends are from his time in the RAF. The one in Cairns stood behind him in the line the day they joined up - his old service number is the one after Dh's lol

Friends Reunited as well as Forces Reunited has done that to so many people - reunited them after many many years.

See you in September

I think this will be my last post before we go away. I’ll be off the air for at least 7 weeks and will pick up the pieces again when we get back at the end of September.

Every couple of years we have a long trip away; over the past 10 years for various reasons – family celebrations and Dh’s RAF reunions being the main ones - it has been to England and North America (USA and Canada) however for this year I said no to overseas and yes to seeing more of Australia.

So if you’ll hang on (might be an idea to make a cup of tea as well) I’ll tell you why.

The past two trips have been doozies. To get the best from our airflights we buy a Round the World ticket. Can travel a set distance and stop off in lots of places only stipulation is you must travel in one direction only. East to Europe via Asia and then across to North America and home via the Pacific is the direction we seem to take although we have done it westwards. It’s an open- ended ticket valid 12months so you can take your time and get to see lots of people.

For some reason I found these two trips very tiring, so many things just seemed to happen and each time I was glad to get home to Melbourne.

2004 was a lovely summer in the northern hemisphere, my sister’s girls had a double wedding, it was a leap year and they surprised their partners by asking them to marry, there was the sadness of visiting my Mother’s grave – when I last saw her in 2000 she had been hale and hearty – more sadness on leaving England as I knew I would never see my darling brother in law again, (his prostate cancer was very advanced by then).

It was hot in Nova Scotia and we had a great time with rellies and friends. I met an Internet friend for the first time (a cousin’s square dancing friend who I’d been emailing for a while) and was pleasantly surprised that we clicked, laughing and chattering in real time same as on the computer.

We caught up with long time air force friends in Toronto and Calgary and then spent another very wet week in Vancouver. It always seems to rain when we go there lol

As well as visiting indoor attractions we watched a lot of baseball that week – I think it was something called World Series and from recollection a New York team and another one with Red Socks were playing.

After rubbing the U.S. Immigration Officer up the wrong way at 9am the day we flew out of Vancouver to Los Angeles to pick up the flight across the Pacific to home – well he asked me where I was going and I answered ‘Home’ – he wasn’t amused and made it very apparent by calling me by my full name and telling me to stand in front of his desk and not move – I wondered what else was going to happen

The flight from there to LA was bumpy – we met up with a storm along the way and ‘cose we went miles out of our way to try and avoid the storm we had to land at Las Vegas to refuel, oh yes, that was after we got hit by lightning.

The plane sat on the tarmac for over 2 hours whilst they got someone out to check it over and give it more avgas. We could see all the casinos in the distance and these huge great limousines parked outside the terminal but it was classed as an international flight so we weren’t allowed off and had to stay put.

Apart from it being very uncomfortable inside the cabin we didn’t bother too much as it was cutting into the 6hrs waiting time we were supposed to have at LA and when we finally arrived there it was funny to see people getting off planes from all over and standing around the terminal watching the game in progress instead of hurrying off home as is usual. I think some of the bars made a profit that day. :)

Arrived back in Melbourne after the long Pacific flight to be bailed up by customs who wanted to search our luggage. ALL of it lol

Everything out of cases and lots of fossicking and digging around and when I asked a question all the officer said was that the dogs had picked them out and ‘Madam somewhere your luggage has been in contact with narcotics’.

Tell you what you could have heard a pin drop - I was never so scared in all my life and so pleased to see family when we came out the doors after being told our bags were cleared.

Could you see me as a drug runner? – the very nice man said they come in all shapes and sizes and not to laugh at the idea of a middle-aged woman being one.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby its cold outside

I think its agreed its has been very cold overnight here in Melbourne and out East these past few nights (going down to 1c/32f in my garden) but from those early morning shocks the days have developed into glorious dry sunny ones perfect for drying washing. I call them Desert Days as we often see the forecast for Central Australia as 0c/32f going up to about 20c/68f during the day and that’s what’s been happening.

Granted it didn’t get to 20c but does 15c/59f count?? lol

After one of those cold starts yesterday Dh and I took a drive – to the beach.

Whoa I hear you say, that’s not exactly beach weather.

There’s a new Freeway (Eastlink) that’s just opened close to where we live; its actually being called a Motorway and it links some of the other Freeways that run into Melbourne. Much to the disgust of most people its actually going to be a tollway.

It actually opened to traffic about a month ago and has been free of charge for that time, tolls start being collected this Sunday. So if you don't have an etag or pass you will be charged/fined at a later date with other additional charges as well.

Its being used quite heavily already but that could be with people like us - nothing to do and all day to do it in - who are using it for the heck of it - or as tourists seeing whats going on in our city - having a day out going from Ringwood to Frankston 'cose its free and to find out if it actually will save time.

Anyway we thought we'd take a drive to Frankston and then carry on down the Mornington Peninsular to a golf course at Cape Schank. Part of the reason for driving down there was that Dh and some of his golfing cronies are maybe going down there for the day and we went as a scouting party to find out how long the drive was and if it was worth taking the new road or whether they should just use the old route instead.

The drive brought back memories of going down that way along Moorooduc Road to the beach at Rosebud or Macrae when the kids were young. I marvel at the fact we drove for an hour and a half in a car with no airconditioning in sweltering heat and then at the end of the day turned around and did the same journey home.

There were no grumbles, we'd stop on the way home when we got off the Frankston Road at Dandenong and they were able to have an ice cream at the milk bar and that would see them all the way up Stud Road to home.

Yes it was a faster run than the old way but not as scenic. - we went from home to Frankston and on down the coast in just over an hour, drove round the area to see what had changed and then into the resort so dh could look at the golf course and talk to the Pro.

Came in out of the bitterly cold wind (only drawback of living down there is the wind) and sat by a roaring fire in the reception area with a hot chocolate and then drove home again in the afternoon traffic.

But you know, what matters to me - shorter versus scenic - may not matter so much to 4 older men intent on getting from A to B and that seems to be what all men are interested in isn't it.

But whatever we had a lovely drive and I got some knitting done lol

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tidy up day

The weather has been freezing and today has been no exception so it was 'do things round the house where it's warm' time. Yes it’s been a clear up and tidy day today as I’ve been trying to sort out some loose ends before we take off next week.

But first thing I had to sort out the book that's been waiting in the bedroom for something ot happen. It's been waiting to be returned to Kmart for a few weeks now – turns out DGd I got it for had already read it and as they are good at refunds I had that on my list of to do’s. Note to anyone returning things to Kmart in Australia – Kmart used to be good at refunds; they now have a 28 day policy.

Seems they changed things back on May 1st so I couldn’t get a refund or even an exchange voucher, as it was more than 28 days since I bought it.

Time goes by quickly in my house and I forget things easily so it looks like I’ll have to watch that from now on. Its not very often I have to go back with a return but I certainly don’t want to have various things hanging around that don’t fit the bill 'cose I forgot how long they'd been at home.

I then cleared out of some blogs I have listed at Bloglines. I have some favourite blogs listed there and I check them daily. I’m sure lots of you know that Bloglines is a feed reader and will supply you (the subscriber) with updated posts of your listed blogs. Saves you clicking from blog to blog trying to find out if the author has said anything new.

Feed readers must be the talking point of the blog world at the moment as all these blogs - Simple Mom, Lightening at her blogworld and Move to Portugal - have posts on that topic today. Each of them explains all the in and outs and also the way time can be saved by using them.

I’m curious by nature, I’m a sucker for wanting to know what others are up to and like to know what other blogs people read (call me nosy if you want lol) so some days I spend a lot of time here on the computer going from blog to blog on blogrolls reading one after the other. So what I do if I find a likable blog is to subscribe to it at Bloglines, read for a while, then decide whether to follow it all the time or whether I not really interested and delete it.

I asked someone the other day how they generated so much traffic to their blog and they said read as many as I could and comment.

I think that’s the bit I’ve been doing wrong.

My Mum used to say it was rude to stare and it wasn’t nice to be nosy so I tend to stand on the sidelines and take it all in without saying much. I do lots of reading but quietly without any fuss via Bloglines – I don’t comment a lot so nobody knows I’m there.

Maybe I’ll have to start talking lol

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guess what

I have had this baby pattern - Robin 15210B - for quite a few years.

Its knit in a double knitting yarn but here in Australia the 8ply we have works just as well.
The only thing I'm not keen on is picking up the stitches all the way round the fronts and the neck to form the band.
Now I don't have an actual picture of the garment I knit recently but this is the pattern picture

I knit it recently to go into a CWA exhibition. Each member of our branch was set the challenge of entering one thing that we enjoyed making.

Only stipulation is that it must be finished in the last 2 years.

This was entered in the Knitting Baby garment section and guess what lol

I received this

Frst prize - Wonders will never cease - something I have never ever got before.

I was very surprised as I was only making up the numbers and it had been knit in 8ply acrylic - not the best of wool for a baby.

My Mum would have been so proud.
She taught me to knit and was a hard task master................... Nothing was ever good enough for her.

Trip to the Theatre

Before I start I should say hanks for all your thoughts and well wishes. I don’t usually catch colds and this one came as a surprise but its just about gone now, never to be seen again LOL

Now the grandkids sometimes use the word wicked to mean something really good – well - that musical called Wicked, the one Dh and I went to see yesterday was really WICKED.

We decided to save a bit of cash and took the train courtesy of our free Seniors Sunday transport card. We’ve used this quite frequently but I’ve never seen the train packed like it was for a long time and when we actually arrived at Flinders Street Station there were people everywhere.

The forecourt was teeming like rush hour during the week and once outside and down the steps you wouldn’t have thought it was a Sunday as we tried to cross the Young and Jackson Intersection. No policeman with a whistle in the middle of that intersection these days and even with Swanston Street being a Mall there seemed to be just as much traffic as before.

There was a Footy match on for a start – so many people in the train covered in red and navy scarves, beanies and clothing hoping for a good game. When we realised the game was on at Docklands we wondered how we’d get a seat on the way home, Happily luck was on our side later tho’ as the train went out and via Spencer Street to the loop after leaving Flinders Street.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Walking up Swanston Street we saw a huge line at the front of St Paul’s and also other long lines when we got to the beautiful restored Regent Theatre. There were placards and brochures around with the words Melbourne Open House – reminded me about this event. Lots of places open to the public, this was the first year of this event and hopefully I’ll be able to get to the next one.

Have a look here to see more - what it was all about.

There was a demonstration in the City Square – something to do persecution in China. Lots of noise and colour, banners, drums singing and talking, shame we couldn't take it all in but we’d timed the train to get there without having to wait too long in the cold.

Now on to the fabulous Regent Theatre and the show, which was much longer than I’d expected. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, mind you I love the theatre especially if it involves singing and dancing lol

It’s a funny but sad story about what happened in Oz before Dorothy’s Day Out in the storm. Supposedly about how the characters were conceived and the aftermath of it all. Fun show and will be a good drawcard for visitors to Melbourne – local and interstater and maybe International. I don’t think its going anywhere else and have heard its here in town for quite a while.

At the end I wished we’d saved the money I paid for Guys and Dolls earlier in the year so I could have put it towards seeing this again. Like The Phantom I felt it was one that could be seen again and again to take in all the set designs and the costumes, which were fabulous, especially in the Emerald City scenes. They were sort of weird and way out like some runway high couture.

We were in the Dress Circle, with a reasonable view - ‘cept when the woman in front of me moved her head a certain way, which she did quite frequently as the one in front of her was bobbing around, so mine was going from right to left trying to find that elusive clear view and I’m sure annoying the people behind me anyway as noise travels I found it very noisy in some scenes and at times hard to hear what the ensemble were actually singing – thought it was me but dh made mention of it during the interval. Half their words were blurred and indistinct so the crowd scenes just came over as noise.

Not needing to ‘be seen’ we stayed inside in our seats during the interval and there were sellers in the aisles with little trays round their necks just as in the old days. Went to get a Magnum ice cream and nearly had a fit at the price $5 – then saw someone come back from outside with a Choc Top (like at the cinema and which I love) and heard them complaining about the price as well. Dh just laughed and said if you are willing to pay over $100 for a seat to see a show why would you complain at the rather inflated price of the ice cream.

Hmmm - Point taken – next time I’m going be dressed to kill and take a shopping bag filled with chips and lollies and we’ll see if he walks in beside me lol

Got crushed in the train coming home and loved the sight of the rain as we got further east. Our garden must have been drenched during the day and yet there was none in the City.

Today is cold but clear and now its time to look out some shorts and t-shirts to launder and get ready for next week. Must get the cases out and start gathering things together – Sunny Queensland here we come.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quiet week

Here we are end of day4 and true to form my Dr always said when the children had colds - after day5 usually you are on the way home.

Eyes are clear, nose has dried up, sneezes have disappeared, throat is lots better thanks to salt gargles, coughing well, theres lots of info for you there................maybe too much LOL

Colds are a virus so unless some infection develops antibiotics aren't necessary. I have an aversion to buying pharmacy brand pills and potions e.g. Codral cold thingys, think they are just made from chemicals and a waste of money so have used up lots of fresh lemons and spoonfuls of Honey in hot water and yes the odd Paracetamol for fever.

So its the end of a quiet week and theres something nice to look forward to on Sunday. Dh and I are going into the City to see the musical Wicked.

Must get better - must get better - must get better

Bye for now...........................See you next week

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2 Still crook

Thought I’d add that my throat is all prickly today, its hard to swallow and I have a headache :(

Its beautiful outside - I did have a wander around early on but came back inside as it may be sunny and dry out there but its really cold.

DH is at golf so there's no-one to annoy me

Take care

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Change in the way I feel

You know I have a vague recollection from the other day of someone saying to me …………… ‘Don’t come too close as I have a bit of a cold’

Now, ask me why am I trying to remember this little fact

'Cose I want a word with the so-an-so who passed it on.

There’s a bit of mouth breathing and sniffing going on in this room at the moment. Its accompanied by a stuffy nose and watery eyes:(

Colds are something I rarely get. And right this moment I don’t need one either.

I have too much to do, too much to organise, too much to think about.

Nature never seems to take any notice of what we think or want does it - if I’m due for a week of misery so be it.

Next time I will listen and steer really clear of anyone who says to me ‘Don’t come too close ‘cose………..’

Its nearly bedtime ..............Now where are the lemons, the honey and maybe the brandy.

I don't feel well lol

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - July 2008

Guess what – it’s the 14th of the month and we know what happens on that day don’t we lol
Yes its time for Little Jenny Wren’s Day in My Life get together.

There are people all over the world recording what they did and how they felt on this day. Pop over here and see what all the others got up to.

DH had been restless during the night so I’d lay there thinking ‘Do I Don’ I ‘ for what deemed like hours before I decided at 4am ‘Yes I did’ and pottered into the toilet and back again hoping he wasn’t going to start snoring again and I’d be able to drop off quickly.

Not to be and it was a cranky me that woke at 7.15 and discovered it was a glorious day outside.

Listened to Red on 77.4 for a bit, laughed at his thoughts on why the Pope was wearing red shoes when he got off the plane in Sydney yesterday – here for World Youth Day that’s running all next week. From all the talk about the amount of road traffic (cars and buses) on its way there I’m glad I’m not travelling to NSW at the moment.

Lovely story on the news – but not for those involved - about a little 2yr old boy that got his finger trapped in the plughole in the bath. Needed all sorts of people to free him – not just the fire brigade but also other associated trades. Seems they have almost demolished the family’s bathroom so they could get him and the plughole to the hospital where it was sawn off.

Anyway as I said there were lovely clear skies and beautiful sunshine outside so I finally stumbled out of bed at 8.30 am. Found another load of washing so that the promise of a drying day wouldn’t go to waste and after feeding the cats I ate my breakfast in front of the computer.

Checked mail and some blogs and decided I was going to make this an easy day as I didn’t feel like extending any extra energy in anyone else’s direction.

Sounds a bit selfish but if Catherine’s tired she doesn’t do the love the neighbour very well at all lol

Which was a bit of a shame for the cold call telemarketer from some energy company who happened to have me answering the phone about 10am. Sad thing for this woman was I recognised her voice from the other day when I told her we were very happy with the supplier we had, the rates we had and we certainly were getting all the discounts that were entitled to.

This time, when she asked if I was the person responsible for paying the account, after getting over the shock of the question and telling her it was none of her business I then let rip and she didn’t know what hit her.

Told you Catherine’s not ‘nice’ when she’s tired lol

Yesterday (Sunday) had been dry but so very cold and with monstrous winds so I had taken advantage of that and as you never know when the weather here is going to change I managed to get lots of thick things as well as towels and bed linen dry but last night they had landed up on the couch so to clear my head I folded those loads of washing and put them away.

You know how one thing leads to another – I then spent ages in the bedroom tidying drawers and rearranging my wardrobe. Time well spent, as it looks good again and I’ll be able to pick out clothes to take away in a couple of weeks time.

After coffee and following on from the thought of travelling I sorted some yarn to take away with me. I like to knit in the car and there’ll be plenty of miles travelled on the highway this time so when I’m not driving I’ll have something available to do.

A friend of mine gave me a cardigan she’d knitted in cotton and never worn so I’m unpicking it and will use the cotton to knit dishcloths – remember – reduce, reuse, recycle. This is brand new cotton so it isn’t as if it’s second hand and also is a lovely rosy pink colour, which will be quite cheery in its new role.

Having all my stash out allowed me to see all the little leftover bits I used to use for Fair Isle knitting. I haven’t done any recently so decided to bag them all up to take to the op shop, hopefully someone will love them. To make it easier for them to choose I put coordinating colours in each little bag :)

As you know I have been trying to get as much exercise as I can recently, rejoined the leisure centre and have aimed for at least 3 visits a week to the gym and also to get to classes so seeing those clear blue skies this morning I got back into the walking mode and revisited some of the local suburban streets close by .
Noticed lots of bulbs and some Spring blossoms out but my favourite would have to be the Wattle trees that are starting to bloom. Lovely yellows balls of fluff; to me even tho they seem to bloom in winter they make it feel like spring.

Lunch was home made pumpkin soup with some chocolate for afters. DH must have hidden that well as I thought we’d finished the bar he bought last week. Isn’t he a darling? Ignored my bad mood and made me feel special – works every time lol

I had a slow afternoon where I read and made up a birthday parcel for a special granddaughter who lives in Brisbane. Much to my dismay her father (one of our sons) who lives in Sydney has little to do with her (new wife and sons take all his time) and like so many broken relationships it seems problems with her Mother and maintenance monies are an issue – so she and I keep in touch via Messenger and hopefully I’ll get to say Hello when we make our way up north in a few weeks time.

This is what I spent most of the afternoon reading

My chapter had its Christmas in July lunch last Friday and I won the raffle.
A very coverted prize it was - nearly lost a few times when I put it down on the table :))
Had an early 5.15pm date at the Leisure Centre for a body pump class - how I hate lunges. The more I do them the more they hurt:((
Still broad daylight at 5 pm, passed the outdoor tennis classes that have begun again now school holidays are over and had fun watching all the littlies (aged 7 -10) in their gymnastics class on the basketball court before my class began. Wonder how many champions in the making I saw there?
Dh had cooked a light dinner of fish and steamed veg while I was out and as theres not a lot to watch on tv tonight and no knitting on the go here we are telling you all about my day. Not a massively busy one, get a bit cranky when I'm tired and it takes a little while to snap out of it. The walk helped and hopefully I'll get a few more in before the weather changes again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Revisiting the challenge

I don't know if many remember but earlier in the year (January 2008) Rhonda at Down to Earth encouraged us to look at our use of various items as she herself had a self imposed challenge she was going to undertake. You can read bout it here her here
Well I thought about it and if you check here will see what I intended to limit my use of. That doesn't sound like good English but I aimed to not use various items or at least to cut out their use as much as possible.
So how have I gone in this past 6 months - well on the whole not too bad.
I think I've done well with the plastic bags. I like lots of others have green bags from the supermarket - they identify you as a shopper of certain supermarkets so once I had a few I came to my senses and stopped buying them.
I then started making cotton ones myself and I also found some neat ones here and there in op-shops and the Reject shop had some that zipped up on themselves into a tiny envelope which was good for inside another bag. I gave a lot of those away as gifts to get the message around friends and family.
Still have that problem of leaving them in the car sometimes so they came out of the boot and now sit on the floor behind the driver's seat where I can see them - I have to physically lock the car door and there they are in full view :)
If I forget and its only a few items, after telling the check out girl why they get carried out to the car in my arms.
Last week I found a great big calico one for 50c that looks like it was given away sometime by Maroondah Council - the 'art work' on it was from Kalinda Primary School and theres also the information it was the winner of the 2002 calico bag competition. See this school of thought (pun I know) on using other bags than plastic has been going for more years than we realise.
I haven't bought any paper tissues since then - used all the stock I had and am now using the handkerchiefs. This hasn't been too much of a hassle, lots of time they haven't been ironed but smoothed and put on the bottom of the pile, mind you nobody has had a cold so theres been minimal use lol
Time will tell with this one especially when we are away travelling for those 6 weeks and I certainly don't want to have to wash hankies in motels or caravan parks. As much as it will hurt I might just have to buy one box to have in the car with us.
Best of all I haven't bought any bottled water since the day I wrote that blog entry.
Our water has been drawn from the tap, cooled and then put in a flask or the pump pot and taken with us in the car. I still use the bottle I bought if I'm out shopping by myself but we are looking for different water bottles to take away though and I'll be scouring the shops for something that isn't plastic.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend doings

With all the terrible things going on in the world, radio and print news headlines are often graphic and morbid. My faith in the way we look at things sometimes here in Australia has been renewed.

These are overseas papers but ours are the same

Roger Federer loses his Wimbledon crown to Rafael Nadal!! I fell asleep and didn’t watch the match. Boo Hoo my loss as they are saying it was the best final for many a year.

Nicole Kidman gives birth to a lovely girl and her name is Sunday!! I suppose babies have been called Tuesday in the past so maybe it’s not that bad a name

And this morning’s beauty - It’s snowing in and around Melbourne. I believe it as after a weekend of brisk cold but dry weather today is really cold here and its been raining. The sky is very cloudy and grey and at lunchtime still looks as if it’s full of cold rain. .

I realise now why I have been feeling off, blaming the weather has been a cop out – I should have ignored the climate and just got on with life. Being outside on Saturday and Sunday wrapped up warmly and doing what I enjoy was just what I needed and at the end of the day I really felt good

This past summer was so hot and dry I’m ashamed to say that for the first time in years I did very little in the garden ‘cept water the green beans and the tomatoes I grew and then returned to the shade bemoaning the state of things (heat and lack of rain) and my inability to do anything about it. Even tho’ I knew it had to be done so we could use every drop we drew from the tap bucketing shower water and the odd bath load got on my nerves. It was easier to use it on the plants closest to the front door and that’s who benefited the most.

When the water restrictions were upped and the times reduced I was annoyed – why did we have to be outside by 6am to start watering yet my neighbour a year older than dh could wait till a couple of hours later. Over 70s have that exemption – the government didn’t want them falling over in the dark.

Now with the miserable weather we have had so far this winter I still couldn’t bolster up the enthusiasm to tidy up the garden so I’m glad I took the time to get outside over the past weekend and give the roses their winter haircut as well as dig around in the dirt.

After pruning, turning the soil and weeding underneath all the 30 odd bushes I then set to watering in some diluted worm pee and also dug in some of that horse poo and the coffee grounds I get given. As it’s all nice and loose and weed free now I’ll allow more rain (hopefully we’ll get some) to soak in before I mulch. The mulching will have to be done before we go away to help contain the moisture in the soil in case it’s dry while we are away during August and September. I need to spray with Seasol too but that’s going to have to wait till another dry day.

Tell you what tho’ yesterday I was walking around like an ‘old woman’ stiff in the hands from using the secateurs and stiff in the back from crouching. The comfrey cream worked a treat on the hands and a nice hot bath with washing soda helped the muscles in the back.

Today sitting here in front of the fire I feel like a new woman - well a warm one at least :))

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Guess what happened today

This little baby of 4 months sitting safely in the arms of her Mum (that would be me) told me a little while ago that she has never been confident or achieved anything.

Well, thats what she says - I know otherwise and its when I show her photos like this one of her aged just on 1 year having climbed to the top of the playground slide without any of us seeing her she sort of senses that she must have been born with some sort of confidence and a desire for adventure.

Late last year she said she wanted to achieve several things this year - I think turning 45 has unsettled her a little. lol

Anyway I told you about the 100 kms Oxfam Trailwalk she and some friends undertook - today she achieved another of her goals.

After months of training she and one of her friends took part and finished the Gold Coast Marathon this morning. That means running 42kms which is not just a little saunter down the road.

I think we need a lot of confidence to take on a goal like that - am I able to brag a little bit about her achievement.
She who wore short cutoff shorts with tartan patches 'cose she loved The Bay City Rollers never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My way to cure the blues

Feeling fed up last night (Thursday) I did what is almost the unthinkable here and I had a bath. Almost unheard of here 'cose of the water situation and the need to conserve what we have.

A big bath of hot water – almost to the top – the warning beep on the hot water system told me I’d reached what it considered to be the most I could get in the bath – so I lay back and relaxed for at least an hour and listened to the radio.

Derek Guille is on 774 (the old 3LO) during the evening and as well as some informative segments he also has some fun ones as well. Last night he had what was called a Dad’s segment, all those Ugh things Dads are famous for.

Dad: Have you had enough to eat?
Child: I’m full
Dad: Hello Master Full, do you want some more dinner?

Dad’s jokes

What do you call the cemetery

The dead centre of town
The place everyone's dying to get into

What do you call a man in a raincoat?
What do you call a man in two raincoats?
What do you call a man in two raincoats walking past a cemetery?
Max Bygraves an old English singer

Corny jokes

An Irishman goes into a pub and asks for 3 pints of Guinness and then drinks them one after the other.
The bartender suggests he buys them separately and drinks them slowly.
No, say the man, there not all mine.
One is for my brother in Australia and the other’s for my brother in Canada.
He comes in for months and goes through the same thing – downs 3 Guinness one after the other.
Then one night he only orders 2.
The barman thinks ‘Oh dear, something has happened to one of the brothers’ and goes over to offer his condolences.
Oh there’s nothing wrong says the Irishman.

It’s just that I’ve given up the drink but my brothers haven’t!!

Boom Boom !!!

Later after 10pm Nightlife with Tony Delroy had Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on, great to listen to and always really informative in a fun way.

He wanted to know why when you are making tea with a tea bag and you put the hot water in the cup and then the tea bag, the tea bag sinks but when the tea bag is in the cup and the hot water poured onto it the tea bag rises

Anyone out there have the answer I have no idea - I dropped off to sleep before I heard any talk back.

Bargains here there and everywhere

It’s been a week that seems to have been filled with hurrying days if that makes sense to anyone. I seemed to have been running around trying to get things finished sooner than I started them.

After I put the washing machine on the other day it started to rain so instead of line drying the clothes they had to be put on the clotheshorse or on coat hangers that are hung on the wood surround of the laundry door. The laundry is not a walk through room so there’s not a lot of traffic in and out of the door, which by the way isn’t even there.

We removed it years ago as it opened inwards and there was wasted space behind it – this way we can just walk in and out without the door being in the way – so the shirts and other things can hang there and dry overnight without being seen or in the way.

Well as I was saying the rain meant I had to take a lot more time and effort to hang the clothes indoors before I went out and I was rushing and tripped over the old clothes horse and then one of the coat hangers got caught in my shirt and so it went on.

The hangers I use for this job are those old wire drycleaners type that seem to reproduce overnight all by themselves - when we had the wardrobe refitted the other month I treated us to new coat hangers (best thing I ever did in there) as its stayed wonderfully tidy - so after ditching a lot (well I actually gave them to an op shop to use) the remainder had a new job. They are handy but if you aren't careful the hanger piece will catch in things - like the front of the shirt I was wearing:(

My aunt had a fall in her unit the other day and the ambulance came out and that meant I have been here there and everywhere taking her to Dr’s appointments to be ‘checked out’, I had to miss some time I’d planned at the gym and stupidly was annoyed at that – if she’d only use her wheeled walker she’d be lot better on her feet – she is an absolute darling but can you tell I’m not too happy with her this week :(

Anyway I did a bit of retail therapy that seemed to sooth the cluttered mind

Apart from food shopping I haven’t done much spending at all recently, so when my 20 year old food processor died a death last weekend and I found out the Good Guys had an End of Financial Year Stocktake Sale on I assured myself it was alright to spend some of the Seniors Bonus the Federal government had given us last month.

I gave DH the choice of coming along or sitting by the fire reading and he chose the latter so I tootled off by myself down to Bayswater Road to see what I could find. You can tell I haven’t done any white goods or electrical shopping for quite a few years as I just walked round and round in amazement looking at all the things one can buy nowadays. Just kidding but who would want a coffee machine that costs over $1000. Someone obviously as there were a couple of them walking out the door while I was there lol

Contrary to the opinions held in my household that Mum doesn’t like cooking I do use my processor – for all sorts of things (one of the most recent uses being munching up all the peelings for the worms) so in the end I chose a Kenwood Multipro that does all the same things as my old General Electric one and also has a blender. Juicer we have at home – Blender not but now we do :)

Now I’m sure all of you will find this next part interesting;
I was approached by one salesman who found what he said was ‘the best price available’ so I said thank you I want to look at other brands I’ll come back to you. Later after checking all the other things on the floor I couldn’t find him so when another salesman spoke to me I asked the same question and was flabbergasted when he quoted me $20 less.

So from a list price of over $200, to a sale price of $185, to 1st best available $170 and then to the price paid of $150 I began to wonder what they actually pay for the goods from the wholesaler to be able to drop that much for a sale.

Yesterday I popped into a local op shop/thrift shop and found these books to take away to read in the car while we are travelling next month. Bargain bin prices of 50c each :))

I have read some Jacqueline Mitchard and enjoyed them so hope this one is ok.

This one is called The Cruise and has been written by several authors -

- a bit like the games we play on fun nights at home, one author wrote the first chapter and it was passed on to another so each of them followed on and did a chapter which I think is a novel (sorry about that) idea and it was sold to aid the Dyslexia Institute in England. Its about a murder on a cruise ship and Ken Follett wrote the last chapter tieing up all the loose ends. I wonder if all the different styles will be apparent?

And lastly this one is for fun.

Seems debutante Violet Harcourt has subversive looks - her vitality and sensuality have a powerful effect in men - she meets a handsome Australian .......................and then realises how innocent she is.

Bye for now, will talk again another day

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another one for your interest

There’s another blog on my blog list I’d like you to visit, a list that incidentally I don’t have in the side bar but is stored in my favourites. I love clicking through other people’s blogrolls but I can’t bring myself to advertise mine, as for some reason I tend to look on it as favouritism.

I know I’m strange and it may not be in the spirit of blogging but having said that I’m hoping you will click on this link and pay this person a visit.

Many of you are involved with the birth of animals and I’m sure will be interested in what she writes about. She lives in Perth on the other side of the country to me and works – well you will need to open her blog to find out what she does.

Do pay Jane a visit and after reading this entry (Great Beginnings) go to this, her next one in July ( Teaching Tools) and read that as well. They are longish posts but I’m sure each of you will feel well worth the effort.