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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winter Blues

After the lovely days earlier in the week I'm feeling a bit off, its been cold overnight, the skies have been cloudy and grey for most of the day and even tho it hasn't rained 'cept for a little this morning theres always been that look about the sky.

Compared with some parts of the world our winters are mild but I'm sure I suffer from a little bit of SAD on these wintery days. I realise I'm not really 'depressed' as that is a major illness yet I certainly feel out of sorts.

Wikipedia says:-
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is a mood disorder whose sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in the winter .

I like daylight and I have always been happier in houses that have had lots of windows. One of the reason we don't have heavy curtains at the windows is that to me they always seem to cut out light on the sides so we've often installed venetian or vertical blinds with some sort of lace/net/terylene/ you name it curtains in front and that way I can draw the blinds open in the morning and then close them at night and yet the neighbours can't see in. We have canvas outside blinds to keep the heat out in the summer and the house doesn't seem to feel too bad in the winter but if it is really cold during the day I don't open the inside blinds.

Granny decorating the kids call it but if I'm happy thats all I bother about.

If I stay at home I eat all day long and that doesn't make me feel any better yet going out in the cold is a nuiscance 'cose I have to bundle up which I'm not used to. By bundling up all Imean is I have to actually put a coat on lol

If I'm going to a big shopping centre with underground parking I can move quickly from the car to the entrance but outside parking means I get hot inside wearing/carrying a coat and that makes me feel all the more uncomfortable. Right misery aren't I lol

Anyway we have finally decided we are going to have some time away and go to brighter warmer climes in a few weeks. This is usually the time of the year when we head overseas to see friends/rellies and others in Europe and Canada but theres been reasons why not this year, so we are going to go further north and visit friends and rellies in other states here ( NSW and Qld) that have a slightly warmer winter.

DS in Sydney wanted us to babysit the first weekend in August so thats sealed the date for leaving here and then we'll take it from there. I have a nephew in Grafton so most likely will drop in on him as we head north but theres lots to think about and maybe reading road maps to plan our trip will keep me away from the cupboard and the fridge.

Oh and thank goodness theres some cash saved for a trip of some sort as the cost of petrol/gas rose to $1.70 yesterday here in Melbourne and I'm sure its higher still in other places.


  1. Hoping your winter blues don't hang around for long Cathy..I get days like that during winter.
    A trip away sounds like a great idea!! Enjoy it!! :-)

    Hugs, Vi

  2. Ah, SAD. I know it well. I have a large sunroom in my house an turn on lights all winter. It helps.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Hope you feel better soon! I get down in winter I use extra lights.It does help!
    Our gas is $4 per gallon here.:o(

  4. The season of Summer come in full force today, 102 degrees. Around 100 tomorrow & then a cool down.
    Have a happy, sunny trip!


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