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Monday, June 2, 2008

Thinking times

This has been a quiet week where I've done a lot of thinking aboout people who have played a large part in my early life.

This is a photo of my Mother and Father taken many years ago - I think they were on holiday in Skegness (a seaside town on the east coast of England) at the time. Dad stayed on in the RAF after the war which meant we lived in many places, and after we all left home they became great travellers enjoying a week away now and again both in the UK and in Europe.

Now this is a photo of DH's Mother and Father (my in-laws) taken many years ago - I think they were visiting one of his sister's homes. They weren't one for 'holidays' away from home and I remember my sister-in-law writing and saying how her Mother was on tenterhooks the whole time she was there.

Both of these couples had their birthdays and also the days of their deaths in the first half of the year so we both (DH and I) can be a bit pensive in January, February, March, May and June. It all seems to come to head about this time of the year and we need time to ourselves.

Amongst many things my parents gave me a love of music and dance and laughter - my in-laws gave me a respect for a simple way of life. My father in-law was a country boy born in very small village in Essex (East Anglia) and for most of his working life was a chimney sweep.

Sometimes when I look at this saying (author unknown) I have hanging on the wall it makes me think of them

There are but two things we can give our children;
One is roots, the other is wings.

So very different -yet so very much alike - both couples had one thing in common.

To see me, DH and our family prosper - when we told them we were going to migrate to Australia and possibly they wouldn't see us again they all said 'Go for it'.

Thank you Alice and James as well as Evelyn and Robert


  1. Wow..want a good send off. When did you arrive in Australia? How did you manage the change?

  2. Love looking at the photos. What wonderful memories they must bring to you.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    What a sweet post!
    I Love Family and have so many memories.
    Have a great wk.

  4. Hi Cathy
    Lovely to see where we have come from. It helps you to feel anchoired in the world I always think.#Best Wishes

  5. Hi Cathy,
    What a lovely post. And I love that saying.



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