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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reuse/recycle in days gone by

Looking through old photos I found this one from about 1976/77. We'd gone for a drive close to home in the Dandenongs and stopped for a picnic. We lived really simply in those days.:))

The DD standing loved those shorts she's wearing. They were an old pair of her jeans tattered and torn but cut down into shorts and as I said she loved them. She lived in them that summer. She was a mad fan of The Bay City Rollers so she'd decorated them with a tartan patch.

As you can see in those days we reused what we had - getting another life from something past its original use by date. Similar to what we are trying to encourage these days.

Now recently she spoke about them and asked me how I could let her walk around in something so tattered and torn and (as she said) with what looked like her b..um hanging out. It wasn't really, it justs looks that way.

She would never let her daughter (9) dress like that.

So I tried to get her to see that I had raised her to be an individual, the reuse had been her idea and if I had felt her clothing was harmful in any way she certainly wouldn't have been wearing it. I also reminded her that she was 13/14 at the time and some times parents - well parents let some things happen but keep a watchful eye on what actually is happening.

I had to tell her that she is our adventurous one, the one that recently walked 100kms for charity and not content with half marathons is now in training for a marathons, the one that joined the Venturers ('cose they did 'cool' things) when all her girl friends were Girl Guides, the one that rode dirt bikes and snow skied, the one that lived in London by herself for 10 years - the individual one that would have raised the roof if I'd vetoed the wearing of those shorts lol


  1. I lived in 'cut offs' too. I didnt realise you dont see it anymore until i cut of pair of my sons jeans which he had somehow split up the back of the leg, not on a seam. He was surprised initally (mums lost the plot again) but then well impressed!

    Best wishes to you Cathy

  2. HI Cathy,
    I remember those days:o)
    Enjoyed the post:o)


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