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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off and running again

Not to bore you with 'TMI' but my thyroid seems to have been playing up again - feeling weary as opposed to feeling tired, feeling the cold and yes it is winter but my feet are freezing nearly all the time and along with that weight gain I generally felt off. Blood test to check the levels and the doc's adjusted the medication

I am starting to feel more like my old self again - had a long chat with the GP the other week about bits and pieces and he suggested what I've been struggling with for a while. I need to get more exercise - walking in this recent very cold wet weather did nothing for me - SO - as of today I've reopened my gym membership. Popped down and had another programme written up and now its up to me to stick to it.

Jan at Life Lessons asked me the other day how long I had lived here in Australia and I had to think about it. We left from a cold snow covered Heathrow Airport on assisted passages to start our new life here and arrived in Melbourne on a very hot (30c/86f) day late November 1972 so we've have been here over 35 years now. Thats more than half my life and apart from the time we lived in Adelaide (1994 - 2002) all of it has been in the same house.

We had tenants in the house for those 7 years, an experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone, it was heartbreaking seeing how the house was treated by those people and don't get me started on real estate agents who were supposed to be 'looking after' the house while it was on their rent roll.

This photo was taken at my parents place August '72 and shows us as we were - ready to tackle the unknown of a far away country. Luckily for us I had grown up in a forces family so knew what shifting was all about and married DH while he was in the RAF so we continued to move around till he was demobbed in 1968. So with having spent time in Europe, the Middle East and also the Far East we weren't exactly the usual run of the mill migrants.

Family life was my main way of life for many years - yes I did return to work when the youngest - the cheeky one in my Dad's arms - was about 14 and I will admit to thoroughly enjoying that independence. Using my skills in a caring way, working in a medical environment, in several Dr's general practices (not sure where the apostrophe goes there) and also in the offices a private hospital. I have always wanted to be around people helping in the community so my voluntary work is important and also my 30 year membership of the Country Womens Association.

Like Jan I have the fanciful title of retiree, bit of an oxymoron that as it seems like I am busier now than I ever was whilst working full time in any of the positions I held:)

This photo taken December 2006 shows us as we are now along with some of our new generation of born and bred Australians. Ready to meet all the challenges that appear at this time of my life.

You may have to click the photos to get a better view.


  1. Oh Cathy, I loved this post. It's great to see how you have come to where you are. The small slice of life we see in the present usually has reams of interesting life behind it that support it. You seem to have more girls than boys in the grandkid department! Do they live close by?

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Enjoyed these post and learning more about you:o)

  3. Thanks Cathy. Your are very generous to share your stories!


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