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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice surprise today

Theres one thing that gardeners relish and thats supplies of fertiliser - doesn't matter what form it takes - lots of stuff to help nourish the soil and give plants a good feed.

I often see signs on the road side and in front of peoples properties around this this area offering manure for sale. Not very expensive often a couple of dollars a bag. More often than not I'm in hurry or there's a car up my rear end and I can't stop or theres another reason why I can't put smelly poo in my car so it never seems to come home with me.

I usually end up buying bags of it from Bunnings. Horse, poultry or cow, I bring it all home by the ton or at least it seems like it as I drag the bags from the car and into the wheelbarrow to move to the shed.

Well today I was given the chance to have bucket loads of horse manure for FREE - all I want at no cost. Straight from the paddock for me to do whatever with it. Its not even really smelly as its lain on the ground for a while and has weathered a bit.

Of course I said 'yes' who wouldn't. lol

The owner wants to clear the paddock underfoot before the hot weather comes round again and is willing to pick it up slowly day by day, bucket it for me and all I have to do is bring it home and return the buckets for refilling the next day.

It can lie here in a spare spot till we get home from the trip and then be ready to add to the ground when I start preparing for this summers veggies. Of course my roses will be haappy with some of it as well.

Now how good is that :)))


  1. your garden will love you! If you only lived here you could have all the goat poop you need. :)

  2. Hi cathy
    We have a horse riding school close by that offers 'free 'orse pooh' on a sign at the gate. Who can resist???

  3. How I wish we could find free poop as well. Its funny when you think about it, that we have to pay for animal waste!!!!

    Your garden will thank you for it though. Great blog by the way,

    Gill :o)


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