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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day out today

Up early this morning for an early start with a drive of an hour and half to Werribee to meet with DH ‘s air force friends at one of their gatherings. This time for the benefit of the engine type and not the admin ones as they were going to visit a place thats restoring a B–24 Liberator Bomber. Anyone vaguely interested can look at this site.

Knowing 9.30am would come round quite quickly I snaffled the bathroom after breakfast while he was busy on the computer. Good move Catherine.

My bad move was giving it up half way through drying my hair so he could get what I thought was going to be a quick shower (when will I learn never to assume thats going to happen) while I ironed again the shirt I'd ironed not long ago but had what I call wardrobe creases. After five minutes in the car with the seat belt on it loooked the same as when it came out of the wardrobe.

Hair done and finally ready to go and find the cats to pen outside. This way they are in the fresh air but safe as we will be away for the best part of the day.

Realised I should have cut one Chocolate Burmese claws as they are gripping into my top as I carry him down the garden. Battle of the species as I try to get them unhooked without damaging my clothes.

Realised I should have groomed one Brown Burmese last night when I see all the dark brown hairs on my top as I walk back up the garden after putting her in the pen.

I suppose it would have a been a better move to pen them while I was still in my dressing gown but I am soft that way and they go in at the last minute just as we are leaving.

We had to leave earlier than planned as the 'organiser' rang to say he was running late and could DH takeover and start the tour.

In my hurry to get out the door I left the second pair of knitting needles and the tape measure behind and after I'd been knitting for while I realised the white wool is moulting all over the black trousers I'm wearing and there isn't a clothes brush in the glove compartment.

Then the sunshine turns to rain - heavy at times - and everyone on the Western Ring Road thinks its Grand Prix week and they are on the racetrack at Albert Park.

So all this time there are mixed thoughts going through my mind but upper most I'm thinking - Be nice to the driver as we are in his car and its a long way there lol

The day turned out not to be as bad as I thought.

The 'men' dropped the 'ladies' at the very nice Racecourse Hotel across the road from the hanger where we sat and chatted drinking the free coffee in the pokies room; often we go with them to ooh and aah at all the aircraft but this time as it was cold, wet and miserable we decided to let them do it by themselves today.

Lunch was great and on the way home we popped into see the son and his family who live on that side of town. Oh I must be getting old, we talk a lot on thephone but its been a while since we saw each other but they are so noisy I was glad to get away. Rained all the way home, misty and murky and quite strange to drive in.

Its marvellous what a day out does for you, I feel so much better than I have all week.

Now our longest night (last night) has been and gone from now on the days will slowly lengthen

Spring/summer here we come :))


  1. What a nice day out. When I visit my daughters and their families I am always glad to come home to the peace and quiet. I love the grands but sometimes they sure are loud. LOL

  2. Hi Cathy
    It really can be that a change is as good as a rest, and you appreciate your home much more when you get back to it.
    Have a good week

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I'm so glad you got out. I know what you mean about loud grandkids....the ones that live the closest are very rambunctious and never stop. I am always glad to get home where it is quiet.

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Hope you have a Great week ahead!

  5. Good morning!
    I like "be nice to the driver" it's a long drive, ha ha. Enjoy your time away & your time back home. We've cool off about 20 degress today, just in time for Sports Camp.

  6. Hi Cathy
    Like you I think I get the winter blues too and a day out just seems to make you feel a lot better and it lasts quiet a while.


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