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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice surprise today

Theres one thing that gardeners relish and thats supplies of fertiliser - doesn't matter what form it takes - lots of stuff to help nourish the soil and give plants a good feed.

I often see signs on the road side and in front of peoples properties around this this area offering manure for sale. Not very expensive often a couple of dollars a bag. More often than not I'm in hurry or there's a car up my rear end and I can't stop or theres another reason why I can't put smelly poo in my car so it never seems to come home with me.

I usually end up buying bags of it from Bunnings. Horse, poultry or cow, I bring it all home by the ton or at least it seems like it as I drag the bags from the car and into the wheelbarrow to move to the shed.

Well today I was given the chance to have bucket loads of horse manure for FREE - all I want at no cost. Straight from the paddock for me to do whatever with it. Its not even really smelly as its lain on the ground for a while and has weathered a bit.

Of course I said 'yes' who wouldn't. lol

The owner wants to clear the paddock underfoot before the hot weather comes round again and is willing to pick it up slowly day by day, bucket it for me and all I have to do is bring it home and return the buckets for refilling the next day.

It can lie here in a spare spot till we get home from the trip and then be ready to add to the ground when I start preparing for this summers veggies. Of course my roses will be haappy with some of it as well.

Now how good is that :)))

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life's discoveries this week

Some observations from this week just gone.

Out of the blue a bright sunny windy day on Wednesday mean't I could open windows and hang the washing on the line. It also showed me that some corners inside the house have grown cobwebs and will need attention. Not sure when tho :)

Hearing test on Thursday and was told me my hearing is no worse now than it was 20 years ago when I first had it tested. Was having trouble with the switchboard at work - when the whole system was updated my problems disappeared. I am no more deaf now than I was then even tho others, (Dh) may think otherwise. He turns the sound up as well as I do.

Learnt I should chop veg much smaller as Dh can still detect the taste of celery amongst six different vegetables - potato, parsnip, carrot, swede and turnip as well as onion - in a winter stew! Loathes celery (unless he is unaware its actaully in the dish) and remarks that he thinks I'm trying to poison him.

During winter it appears my cats’ love for me is ruled by their needs at the time. Job description seems to include - Fire Stoker, Cook, Doorman, Housemaid, Masseur and Groomer. soemhow that sounds like nothing new there what ever season it is

I realised I have no idea what is going on in my Aunts mind when this 85-year old ladie had a paddy tantrum that would rival any my children ever had and acted spoilt when she thought the lunch we had all planned for her actual birthday has been postponed to another day because one niece actually had to go to a funeral. Kept saying it’s not a party if not in the correct day.

She did calm down later when she realised she would still be going out to lunch on the day only with one person short and also with everybody on another day.

Driving along I discovered once again that no matter how late you are and no matter how much you rant and rave and heave shoulders up and down traffic lights have a mind of their own and will change when they are good and ready and not when you want them to do so.

Last but not least even if you are out shopping and starving hungry 'cose you didn't eat before going out Hot Chips doused in vinegar just the way I like them don’t taste the same after months of being good and not buying them when out shopping.

Angry at money wasted – could of bought chocolate instead and really enjoyed it lol

I've just popped by to edit this :

Guess what I just found hiding beside a rose bush - yes, that clear plastic bowl I misplaced the other week. Now the roses have dropped their leaves things are visible again lol

Another joke

Heres another of DH's (sometimes lame) jokes. Open mind please

Pay Rise requested

A Mexican maid asked for a pay increase.

The wife was very upset about this.

Wife: Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase?

Maria: Well Señora, there are three reasons why I want an increase.

The first is that I iron better than you.

Wife: Who said you iron better than me?

Maria: Your husband said so.

Wife: Oh.

Maria: The second reason is that I am a better cook thanYou.

Wife: Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?

Maria: Your husband did.


Maria: My third reason is that I am a better lover than you.

Wife (really furious now): Did my husband say that as well?

Maria: No Señora, the gardener did.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few of the blogs on my bloglist

I like to read about people's lives that are a little different to mine but who still have similar ideas on how life should be lived. I'm going to mention some of the blogs I read and see if you get the picture.

I'm not a wanna be farmer's wife but there've been times I'd liked to have given rural living a try 'cept we seem to be destined to always live in Suburbia – not in the city but outer eastern suburbs where it’s quite green and leafy and where there are still quite a few blocks of vacant land. There are some large land blocks close by where horses are agisted but in the main chickens would be the most visible livestock around, apart from cats and dogs that is.

Look at Peggy at Hidden Haven Farm – her life revolves around her animals and a love of family. I really enjoy her blog, the way she talks about self-sufficiency and her passion for her beautiful Nubian goats. Now the only goat I have ever been close to was on a spit at a Greek wedding in Cyprus - yes I know too much information - so its interesting to see that there is as much interest in special breeds of goats as there is cats and dogs.

Theres a blog I have read for quite a while now that I'm sure many of you would be interested in. It belongs to Stonehead a very plucky and determined man who along with his young family live on a small croft (farm) in rural Scotland and raise pigs. Not just any ol' pig but a breed called Berkshire, he writes about living their way and the trials and tribulations of trying to promote and better the breed.

You must have a look at Jan and Fiona blogs - like many others they have chickens but they also have chickens that raise ducklings. For some animals/birds the mothering instinct is so hard to stiffle and we often read of odd combinations so their tales of these different yet similar birds have kept me in suspense and also fits of laughter for the past few weeks. Most days their pages are filled with thoughts on gardening, family, craft and cooking as well as the coming and goings of the poultry yard.

Click on the links and look in on them as I'm sure you will enjoy seeing how all these people live with love in their lives and also a desire to live 'simply' and to the best of their ability.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day out today

Up early this morning for an early start with a drive of an hour and half to Werribee to meet with DH ‘s air force friends at one of their gatherings. This time for the benefit of the engine type and not the admin ones as they were going to visit a place thats restoring a B–24 Liberator Bomber. Anyone vaguely interested can look at this site.

Knowing 9.30am would come round quite quickly I snaffled the bathroom after breakfast while he was busy on the computer. Good move Catherine.

My bad move was giving it up half way through drying my hair so he could get what I thought was going to be a quick shower (when will I learn never to assume thats going to happen) while I ironed again the shirt I'd ironed not long ago but had what I call wardrobe creases. After five minutes in the car with the seat belt on it loooked the same as when it came out of the wardrobe.

Hair done and finally ready to go and find the cats to pen outside. This way they are in the fresh air but safe as we will be away for the best part of the day.

Realised I should have cut one Chocolate Burmese claws as they are gripping into my top as I carry him down the garden. Battle of the species as I try to get them unhooked without damaging my clothes.

Realised I should have groomed one Brown Burmese last night when I see all the dark brown hairs on my top as I walk back up the garden after putting her in the pen.

I suppose it would have a been a better move to pen them while I was still in my dressing gown but I am soft that way and they go in at the last minute just as we are leaving.

We had to leave earlier than planned as the 'organiser' rang to say he was running late and could DH takeover and start the tour.

In my hurry to get out the door I left the second pair of knitting needles and the tape measure behind and after I'd been knitting for while I realised the white wool is moulting all over the black trousers I'm wearing and there isn't a clothes brush in the glove compartment.

Then the sunshine turns to rain - heavy at times - and everyone on the Western Ring Road thinks its Grand Prix week and they are on the racetrack at Albert Park.

So all this time there are mixed thoughts going through my mind but upper most I'm thinking - Be nice to the driver as we are in his car and its a long way there lol

The day turned out not to be as bad as I thought.

The 'men' dropped the 'ladies' at the very nice Racecourse Hotel across the road from the hanger where we sat and chatted drinking the free coffee in the pokies room; often we go with them to ooh and aah at all the aircraft but this time as it was cold, wet and miserable we decided to let them do it by themselves today.

Lunch was great and on the way home we popped into see the son and his family who live on that side of town. Oh I must be getting old, we talk a lot on thephone but its been a while since we saw each other but they are so noisy I was glad to get away. Rained all the way home, misty and murky and quite strange to drive in.

Its marvellous what a day out does for you, I feel so much better than I have all week.

Now our longest night (last night) has been and gone from now on the days will slowly lengthen

Spring/summer here we come :))

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winter Blues

After the lovely days earlier in the week I'm feeling a bit off, its been cold overnight, the skies have been cloudy and grey for most of the day and even tho it hasn't rained 'cept for a little this morning theres always been that look about the sky.

Compared with some parts of the world our winters are mild but I'm sure I suffer from a little bit of SAD on these wintery days. I realise I'm not really 'depressed' as that is a major illness yet I certainly feel out of sorts.

Wikipedia says:-
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is a mood disorder whose sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in the winter .

I like daylight and I have always been happier in houses that have had lots of windows. One of the reason we don't have heavy curtains at the windows is that to me they always seem to cut out light on the sides so we've often installed venetian or vertical blinds with some sort of lace/net/terylene/ you name it curtains in front and that way I can draw the blinds open in the morning and then close them at night and yet the neighbours can't see in. We have canvas outside blinds to keep the heat out in the summer and the house doesn't seem to feel too bad in the winter but if it is really cold during the day I don't open the inside blinds.

Granny decorating the kids call it but if I'm happy thats all I bother about.

If I stay at home I eat all day long and that doesn't make me feel any better yet going out in the cold is a nuiscance 'cose I have to bundle up which I'm not used to. By bundling up all Imean is I have to actually put a coat on lol

If I'm going to a big shopping centre with underground parking I can move quickly from the car to the entrance but outside parking means I get hot inside wearing/carrying a coat and that makes me feel all the more uncomfortable. Right misery aren't I lol

Anyway we have finally decided we are going to have some time away and go to brighter warmer climes in a few weeks. This is usually the time of the year when we head overseas to see friends/rellies and others in Europe and Canada but theres been reasons why not this year, so we are going to go further north and visit friends and rellies in other states here ( NSW and Qld) that have a slightly warmer winter.

DS in Sydney wanted us to babysit the first weekend in August so thats sealed the date for leaving here and then we'll take it from there. I have a nephew in Grafton so most likely will drop in on him as we head north but theres lots to think about and maybe reading road maps to plan our trip will keep me away from the cupboard and the fridge.

Oh and thank goodness theres some cash saved for a trip of some sort as the cost of petrol/gas rose to $1.70 yesterday here in Melbourne and I'm sure its higher still in other places.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Addition to previous post

After I finished publishing the last post I found this photo of my Aunt with the same GD (and brother) taken about 9 years ago.

GD would have been about 5 and a half as I remember the GS wearing that shirt when he was 2.

See how some things can change but not others.

Her looks may have changed but her love hasn't. You will need to click on the picture to see it at its best.

An entertaining week

Here it is the beginning of the week again – and a beautiful day this Monday is turning out to be as well.

Blue skies with not a hint of grey anywhere. And I’m so confident these sunny and dry skies will last the day out I have even hung the washing straight on to the outside line and not bothered with the clothes horse on the back deck. Lol

Last week turned out to be quite entertaining in many ways.

Tuesday evening DH and I went as we usually do to a local Folk Music Club (don’t think I’ve mentioned this before) Last year I felt we were missing something and decided we needed more music in our lives and this is what I came up with.

Not too far away from us this club meets each Tuesday, once a month there is a Performers Night with visiting guest artists but start the evening with a Pot Luck session called Blackboard appearances where anyone can write their name on the board and then use the stage.

No, we don’t take part but its great to see others get up and give a rendition of something. Lots of Aussie Bush stuff – songs, poetry and stories that have come down over the years as well as newer original works.

Last Tuesday Phil Young was the drawcard but my favourite would have to have been Ardmore who came in March. A local group from the Dandenong’s - click the link and scroll down to see what they specialise in. They are a great band and fun for when you are feeling down.

Thursday morning I went with my Red Hat Lady Friends to see this film - . Sex in the City - talk about a chick flick. We had a fun morning, were the only ones in the small cinema, and then followed up with Lunch at a local Bistro. No the movie isn't and the series before it wasn't everyones cup of tea but we had a fun time. Wonder if life in New York is really like that :))

Then on to yesterday afternoon when I took my Aunt to see one of the grandchildren perform with her choir - the Victorian Girls Choir. Their winter concert was just what she needed as life is becoming a bit of a chore for her and her Dementia is becoming more of a problem each week.

Great music and not too highbrow this time - sometimes the choir masters choose weird and wonderful pieces to 'show' what the children are capable of. The choristers start at about 7 years old and for the girls they can continue as long as they can, their voices develop slowly but the boys in the corresponding choir will leave in their teens as 'their' voices can be a problem when they 'break' - problem for the boys that is as they get quite embarrassed if it suddenly goes all squeeky.

The concert was in the Chapel at Luther College here in the eastern suburbs and because Aunt finds stairs a problem we sat in the back at the top so I couldn't get down to take a photo but this one shows the fabulous stained glass window there and the Girls after one of their numbers. You must click to enlarge the photo and see the beauty of the window.

And heres my Darling Eldest Granddaughter with her Great Great Aunt Pamela know as Aunty Pam to us all who turns 85 at the end of this month.
Hopefully as long as she doesn't go near those horses at the end of her street LOL :))

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day in My lIfe - June 14th 2008

Jenny at Little Jenny Wren is running her Day in My Life again – If you go to her blog you can read about more Days around the world. As its Saturday I think they may be slightly different to the weekday entries.

Another month gone by, into winter now with our longest dayon the horizon ^ edited here - seems like I don't know what part of the year I am actually at - we are coming up to our shortest day/longest night ^ and it was a rather grey cloudy sky that greeted me when I got up and all day long its been very cool – well - to me it has been cold - but the weather man assured us it hasn’t been THAT bad.
Was a bit slow and sluggish to begin with, maybe due to the fact I went to a Body Pump class yesterday, my first for a while so there were muscles being worked that had got lazy over the past few months. Turned the heating on, made some tea, gave DH his in bed, made my microwave porridge and climbed back into bed with breakfast in hand. Nothing like being lazy on a cold morning lol

Gave in to reality at 8.30 and got up. Dh went off to get the fruit and veg, it’s a Saturday ritual for him and he always comes home with good stuff so I leave the buying up to him. After seeing some men go to pieces I take the attitude that if anything ever happened to me he would be able to cope by himself.

Decided it was time to start the day proper and as the bathroom was chilly did something I haven’t done for a long time and got dressed in front of the fire lol

Checked some blogs while he was out and did a bit of online banking. Had to tidy the fridge a bit to make room for the fruit and veg after DH got home and smiled when I saw he’d brought me some Mandarins (my favourite fruit) but grimaced at the size of the Bananas, they are huge so we’ll have to have half each with breakfast in the mornings. He also brought in some Butternut Pumpkins he’d been given yesterday, it looks like I’ll be to making more soup soon as I’d defrosted the last of it for lunch. There’s nothing like generous friends especially if it means a free lunch :)

Went down to the Pet shop about 10am for fresh cat meat also discovered he sold the dog roll that I chop up for my Aunt which meant I didn’t have to drive to the Fodder Shop for it. I felt pleased over that ‘cose it was cheaper to buy there and with the price of fuel it meant I didn’t have to be on the road more than was necessary.

Popped into Aunts on the way home, took her dog for a quick walk and picked my eggs from the lady in her street at the same time. She has an honest box at the front door but being Saturday she saw me coming up the drive and we had a bit of a chat. I know her chooks are free range ‘cose they wander about outside a lot even finding things to eat in other people gardens that are far nicer than their own:)

Back to Aunts and was able to catch up with her cleaning lady who often fills me in with things the Aunt doesn’t mention, like how the stain got on the carpet beside her chair. Had coffee and a chat and then saw the Agent who manages the units and arranged a carpet cleaner to come and attend to the stain.

More coffee and a sit down when I got home at 12 noon.

Had to sweep the garage floor as one of the cats had tipped a litter tray over and put sawdust everywhere. Changed their bedding at the same time ‘cose of the sawdust. Messy but cheap – FREE from a local furniture makers factory close by.

Sky still very grey looking and with some very black threatening looking clouds, which made me decide to scrub the planned gardening, wash my hands and accept that another coffee was ok lol

While the kettle was coming to the boil I finally got round to clearing away the dishes from dinner last night, there weren’t that many left on the draining board as we’d been using them for the coffees during the morning and as Dh was having a lazy day it fell to me to make the bed – used our weekend method of just pulling the covers up over the pillows and straightening the bedspread over to look neat and tidy. Yes it was rather late in the day but I read somewhere that if a bed is left to cool and air there’s less risk of bedbugs. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol

By the time 1.30 arrived I needed my lunch of my homemade Pumpkin soup and fresh bread rolls plus some fruit and yoghurt – I felt as though I’d been on the go for hours.

Had a sit down and did a bit of knitting for a while and then the rest of the afternoon was spent back out in the garage.
There’s still a load of things boxed up from last months carpet laying and I just had to see if we really needed to hang on to them. Lots of paper work went into the bin, old bills and receipts and statements. It seemed easier to make a decision out there than bring the files back into the house and make a mess while they were being sorted plus it was a lot closer to the bin to dump them. I was rugged up with a jacket on and I pulled the bin up to garage door and just dropped each pile in after tearing them into pieces – if I’d been indoors I’d have made excuses about having to go out in the cold.

Dh came to the party and made dinner – well, he peeled the veggies and defrosted some savoury mince I’d made a couple of weeks ago. I was so pleased as I had been doing my own thing all day and hadn’t been much company for him so he sat by the fire and watched sport or read all afternoon. We did a naughty thing and ate it with our plates on trays on our laps in the lounge room – something we haven’t done for years.

Watched the last episode of Bed of Roses and here I am trying to recount the day.
Not a really a physical one but I have noticed during the day was how much my thighs were aching and I can feel them tightening as I sit here. I’m going to have to do a few squats and lunges during the day at home to keep those muscles supple so I don’t have this happen each time I go to the gym. Oh, the things we do. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Pattern to try

I have been given a copy of a new (to me) knitting pattern to try out. These are for the charity stall I supply and as well as a little sleeveless jacket there are also instructions for a cardigan and a jumper/sweater.

What I like about this garment is there is very little sewing up to be done. So far I have finished the sleeveless jacket and its so easy I'm sure I'll be doing a more of them.

Much much quicker than the one I have been doing for a while now - after knitting the two seperate fronts they are joined at the neck by cast on stitiches and then the back is made by knitting all these stitches downwards to the waist. Just the neckband to pick up and the side seams to close and its finished.

I'me going to try the sleeved version and see how I get on with that and if its as easy to make as the jacket there'll be some coming off my knitting needles in the next few weeks.

Do you know, I'm sure I have done something like this before but don't have the pattern now.

This picture is from the front of the pattern but I forgot to take down the name of the comapny that published it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trials of Nature

Not in the best of moods today – bit short of patience. You know the virtue we are supposed to possess. The one that’s often in a woman but seldom in a man. . Lol

Well it’s been missing today because of nature.

Nature in the form of those noisy rowdy things that like to hold stomping sessions on our roof in the middle of the night.

Yes they know who I’m talking about – those little animals that sleep the day away, hiding from us humans in little holes in trees or even those little boxes some humans put in trees for them, hiding from the ones who would like to ………….well I’m not sure what I’d like to do.

I’m thinking that after my last post on Possums they are happy with the knowledge they are a protected species and like some little children ‘Try it On’ now and again to see how far they can go

Also I’ve misplaced a bowl, a plastic bowl of quite generous proportions and its all nature’s fault.

It is the largest one from a set of three that sat very nicely inside each other saving space in the cupboard. It looks quite strange seeing the other two upside down on the shelf with the biggest lid on the bottom – have to do that ‘cose the lid falls off if I have them standing up.

It’s about the size of the green Tupperware bowl and lid that we all had which was for our iceberg lettuce. Remember, the one that had that spiky thing that used to go up the middle into the heart of the lettuce and was supposed to keep them fresh and crisp. I’m sure they used to sell thousands of them ‘cose every Op-shop I go into has them in their plastic section. lol

Do you know that feeling you get when you so something and you know it was a daft thing to do?

We have a worm farm but it’s not huge. It’s a Can-O-Worms. Once a week I chop up the scraps (peelings egg shells etc) for the worms and then make them smaller in an old food processor so the scraps just lay across the top of farm and don’t form a great big heap. Now I usually take the scraps from the house to the end of the garden in an old ice cream container but this day there was a large amount and I was too lazy to get another container and pulled out my bowl.

I knew I shouldn’t have used it because as you know I can get sidetracked once I venture that far down the garden - I can even see myself emptying it out but after that it’s a mystery.

Of course to make matters worse for a while I was looking for a white one until I realised it was actually clear plastic and it’s the lids that white.

Had to go looking for the phone the other day, put it down to do something and went back inside without it. After looking for a while I had to push the ‘page’ button to locate it :(

What a shame I can’t ‘page’ this blooming bowl.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old things - new find

Edited - see below

Even tho I might give the impression of being someone with an aversion to cooking I do have a range of cookery books kept on a shelf in the laundry.

Kept there because there isn't any spare bench space in the kitchen and when there was they tended to get messy and splashed from other projects and also because I can see them when I'm loading/unloading and vaguely thinking about what to cook for dinner and so can pull one down to glace through.

One of the many lovely ones sitting there on the shelves is this one called Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens.

I think I mentioned at some time DH has family in Canada, he has an aunt there who arrived as a War Bride during the 1940's and has lived in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia the whole of the time since. Over the years we have had lots of visits there to see DH's aunt and his 7 cousins and they have been fabulous times that seem to get better and better.

This is a view of the Valley from a local tourist spot called the Lookoff- not the Lookout - not sure why its that name and not the other. I really should ask next time we are there.

The Annapolis Valley from the Lookoff courtesy of Wikipedia - mine never turn out that good:(

They all live fairly plain 'simple' lives, Halifax the provinces capital city is only an hour and a half down the road but they live surrounded by apple orchards in a rural heaven. They love to cook - their fish chowder and apple crumbles/crisps are to die for:))

Anyway this little cook book thats been in my house since 1988 (first time we visited) is really interesting in that as well as having loads of recipes its a history book as well.

So much info there - lots on the settlement of the land and bits about the different settlers - Native Indians (Micmacs), French, English, Germans, Irish, Scots, New Englanders and also Negroes, how they used the land and the effect they had on each other as well as so many different sorts of recipes.

I've come back to this sentence to say I don't know if its correct to use the word Negro or whether I should have said African American. Negro is the word used in the book so if I offend anyone I apologise

Want to know how to skin an Eel, learn about Portable/Pocket soup ( where the stock is boiled to a solid 'cake' and could be put in your pocket), how to boil a ham an old Acadian way (using herbs of 'personal likeness'), learn what Brewis and Frumety are and heres a lovley one -

'Skirl in the Pan'

- Melt suet in a hot pan, add chopped onions and brown well, add enough oatmeal to absorb the fat, stirring thoroughly for a few minutes to brown. Can be eaten with meat and potatoes for a satisfying evening meal :)

The reason I'd been thumbing through it is that at the moment NQR have bags of potatoes for $2 and after my success with the Pumpkin Soup I thought I'd have a go at Potato Soup. I found a recipe in there that was easy to cook and not too fussy and turned out a treat. I suppose the old ones sometimes are better than the newer updated versions.

It is said this particular recipe was served at Government House in Halifax at the turn of the century. I assume thats the 20th century - 1900. Is that old enough??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reuse/recycle in days gone by

Looking through old photos I found this one from about 1976/77. We'd gone for a drive close to home in the Dandenongs and stopped for a picnic. We lived really simply in those days.:))

The DD standing loved those shorts she's wearing. They were an old pair of her jeans tattered and torn but cut down into shorts and as I said she loved them. She lived in them that summer. She was a mad fan of The Bay City Rollers so she'd decorated them with a tartan patch.

As you can see in those days we reused what we had - getting another life from something past its original use by date. Similar to what we are trying to encourage these days.

Now recently she spoke about them and asked me how I could let her walk around in something so tattered and torn and (as she said) with what looked like her b..um hanging out. It wasn't really, it justs looks that way.

She would never let her daughter (9) dress like that.

So I tried to get her to see that I had raised her to be an individual, the reuse had been her idea and if I had felt her clothing was harmful in any way she certainly wouldn't have been wearing it. I also reminded her that she was 13/14 at the time and some times parents - well parents let some things happen but keep a watchful eye on what actually is happening.

I had to tell her that she is our adventurous one, the one that recently walked 100kms for charity and not content with half marathons is now in training for a marathons, the one that joined the Venturers ('cose they did 'cool' things) when all her girl friends were Girl Guides, the one that rode dirt bikes and snow skied, the one that lived in London by herself for 10 years - the individual one that would have raised the roof if I'd vetoed the wearing of those shorts lol

Off and running again

Not to bore you with 'TMI' but my thyroid seems to have been playing up again - feeling weary as opposed to feeling tired, feeling the cold and yes it is winter but my feet are freezing nearly all the time and along with that weight gain I generally felt off. Blood test to check the levels and the doc's adjusted the medication

I am starting to feel more like my old self again - had a long chat with the GP the other week about bits and pieces and he suggested what I've been struggling with for a while. I need to get more exercise - walking in this recent very cold wet weather did nothing for me - SO - as of today I've reopened my gym membership. Popped down and had another programme written up and now its up to me to stick to it.

Jan at Life Lessons asked me the other day how long I had lived here in Australia and I had to think about it. We left from a cold snow covered Heathrow Airport on assisted passages to start our new life here and arrived in Melbourne on a very hot (30c/86f) day late November 1972 so we've have been here over 35 years now. Thats more than half my life and apart from the time we lived in Adelaide (1994 - 2002) all of it has been in the same house.

We had tenants in the house for those 7 years, an experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone, it was heartbreaking seeing how the house was treated by those people and don't get me started on real estate agents who were supposed to be 'looking after' the house while it was on their rent roll.

This photo was taken at my parents place August '72 and shows us as we were - ready to tackle the unknown of a far away country. Luckily for us I had grown up in a forces family so knew what shifting was all about and married DH while he was in the RAF so we continued to move around till he was demobbed in 1968. So with having spent time in Europe, the Middle East and also the Far East we weren't exactly the usual run of the mill migrants.

Family life was my main way of life for many years - yes I did return to work when the youngest - the cheeky one in my Dad's arms - was about 14 and I will admit to thoroughly enjoying that independence. Using my skills in a caring way, working in a medical environment, in several Dr's general practices (not sure where the apostrophe goes there) and also in the offices a private hospital. I have always wanted to be around people helping in the community so my voluntary work is important and also my 30 year membership of the Country Womens Association.

Like Jan I have the fanciful title of retiree, bit of an oxymoron that as it seems like I am busier now than I ever was whilst working full time in any of the positions I held:)

This photo taken December 2006 shows us as we are now along with some of our new generation of born and bred Australians. Ready to meet all the challenges that appear at this time of my life.

You may have to click the photos to get a better view.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thinking times

This has been a quiet week where I've done a lot of thinking aboout people who have played a large part in my early life.

This is a photo of my Mother and Father taken many years ago - I think they were on holiday in Skegness (a seaside town on the east coast of England) at the time. Dad stayed on in the RAF after the war which meant we lived in many places, and after we all left home they became great travellers enjoying a week away now and again both in the UK and in Europe.

Now this is a photo of DH's Mother and Father (my in-laws) taken many years ago - I think they were visiting one of his sister's homes. They weren't one for 'holidays' away from home and I remember my sister-in-law writing and saying how her Mother was on tenterhooks the whole time she was there.

Both of these couples had their birthdays and also the days of their deaths in the first half of the year so we both (DH and I) can be a bit pensive in January, February, March, May and June. It all seems to come to head about this time of the year and we need time to ourselves.

Amongst many things my parents gave me a love of music and dance and laughter - my in-laws gave me a respect for a simple way of life. My father in-law was a country boy born in very small village in Essex (East Anglia) and for most of his working life was a chimney sweep.

Sometimes when I look at this saying (author unknown) I have hanging on the wall it makes me think of them

There are but two things we can give our children;
One is roots, the other is wings.

So very different -yet so very much alike - both couples had one thing in common.

To see me, DH and our family prosper - when we told them we were going to migrate to Australia and possibly they wouldn't see us again they all said 'Go for it'.

Thank you Alice and James as well as Evelyn and Robert