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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trying to get things back to normal

Hello there. It’s a lovely sunny morning here in Melbourne and there’s a lot to be done.

Little bit of disorganisation round here at the moment as most of my time recently was taken up with emptying cupboards and moving things off bookshelves and out to the garage so the carpet layers would be able to handle furniture without damaging their backs.

It was a big job to do the whole of the house and took the best part of a day but it’s finished and everything that just happened now has to be reversed :(

The house is looking quite nice and calm without all the accessories around about so I am having a good look at what was there before and have decided that not all this ‘stuff’ nice as it is is going to come back in the door

Even though I say there’s a peaceful feel to the house its obvious very quickly that it has a bit of an empty bare look but I am being very selective in what is being retrieved and put back inside, at the moment it’s just enough to allow the house to become our home again.

There are a few bags of 'stuff' gathering at the back door and a box of books as well but I’m not going to chuck just for the sake of it ‘cose knowing me I may decide I really liked the look we had before :)

I always feel so much lighter when I have a decluttering session and I know others have had similar feelings

Ariane wrote about these feelings a while ago in her Neat and Simple Blog (which really is a good read) and also Lightening (who covers many interesting topics) mentioned it.

So it's Bye for now, must fly, things to do :))

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  1. Oh Cathy could you come and help me get more decluttering done? The days just seem to fly and I have some much that needs to be done. I did find gauze thanks to one of my readers and it is certainly cheaper than I've been getting. Have a great day. Jan


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