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Saturday, April 12, 2008

She never ceases to amaze me

Its amazing when you have a new sort of respect for one of your children.

One of these smiling young ladies is my DD - the one in the blue running skirt - and they have just achieved their goal.

This is the girl who not long ago would give up if the going got too tough.

They walked/ran 100kms - 62.1371miles in 20hrs 49 mins raising over $2000 for Oxfam.

This is what they said: -
Oxfam TRAILWALKER is a 100km endurance walk through the Australian bush. We are taking this on to raise money for Oxfam Australia who work to fight poverty and injustice in 26 countries around the world, including Indigenous Australia

They plodded on through the lovely day we had yesterday and then through the night to arrive at the last check about 5am this morning.
Don't you love the nifty head torches they wear for night running :)

I hope to get a photo from the last check in point soon - Congratulations to my 45 year old DD and her friends.
They did well!!

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  1. Cathy, they did really really well. What a marvelous fund raiser! Please give them my congratulations. I'm only four years older than your DD and oh, how I wish I was that healthy and active.


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